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RammD 02-23-2013 05:26 PM

RAM TPMS Works Awesome!
I've gotta give Dodge props for how awesome the TPMS system works as designed! Long story short a few days ago my tire pressure monitor was reading low on my passenger front tire and it appeared as though the sensor or TPMS system was faulty. It turned out that while there was an oddity with the TPMS initially, that reset and the issue was clearly the tire itself which was losing 10lbs PSI each day. Anyway, I have a lifetime road hazard plan with America's Tire and it took them a while to find the leak, they finally found it and repaired it.

Fast forward a couple of days later. I kept my eyes on the Tire pressure and checked it regularly to see if the tire that was repaired was still losing air or if it was fine. That is when I noticed my DRIVER'S SIDE FRONT TIRE losing air. I was like WTF!!?? Sure enough, the tire was losing 3-4psi per day and I figured they just balanced and rotated my tires (I have the lifetime balance and rotate plan as well) and put that repaired tire on the other side. When I called America's Tire I spoke to the guy that did the repair job and he said he put the tire back on the same side so I went outside, checked the tire in full and see a small nail in the tire! Talk about bad luck...anyway, I go back to America's they repair this tire and we laugh about the bad luck.

Talk about an oddity. I don't have any tire issues for 3 years, and within 2 days have back to back issues. But what is awesome is that the tire pressure warning indicator went off both times which likely prevented me being on the freeway and possibly getting RIM DAMAGE from a flat that I was unable to notice in enough time! There isn't anything I don't love about my Ram...everything works better then advertised and the TPMS system is no exception! The icing on the cake is that the guy at America's Tire was explaining to me that they do a full on repair of the tires, they don't just plug or patch them. They fill the repair area with rubber, and then they patch over that so that the tire is doubly protected. I was there about 45 minutes each time and paid nothing, so that plan worked out. I'm glad I purchased the Maxicare lifetime plan for any potential issues that come up with my Ram down the line...peace of mind makes it worth every penny.

Mig954 02-24-2013 11:11 PM

I've gotta agree.

Yesterday morning while on the expressway my TPMS alarm went off and the EVIC showed the pressure dropping fast. I was able to exit before I could even "feel" the flat on the right rear.

Another thing that works great: I pressed the UConnect phone button on the steering wheel and said, "Emergency." Chrysler service answered, asked if they could use my phone's GPS to locate me and sent a technician out. He was there in under the promised 60 minutes. The tech took the tire off and before changing it noticed there had been a nail or screw in the tire. He said he could plug it for $10 (plugging isn't part of the roadside plan).

At first I told him no thanks. I could go to the dealer and get it done for free. After thinking about it, I realized for $10 I wouldn't have to go to the dealer and spend time while they plugged it and remounted it and returned the spare to its stowage spot.

This guy did all of this in the pouring rain so I slipped him an extra $10. $20 well spent.

storeboy 02-24-2013 11:17 PM

I wish mine in my 09 worked that way. I have the TPMS, but it doesn't specify which tire. I wish there was a way to upgrade it to specify the tire.

JimsRamTruck2012 02-25-2013 12:51 PM

Glad to see these thing are working for somebody. :wavey:

If you were to see all my posts on these things you would understand why I say what I'm saying. :i_rolleyes: :doh:

uktitus 02-25-2013 03:54 PM

The TPMS has worked for me even if being a 2009 it does't say which tire. When I was in Seattle I had several slow punctures on my at the time new Michelins have't had any punctures since.I bought the tires and warranty from Discount Tire or American Tire as they are also known I have been in several of their stores from Seattle, Portland, Santa Rosa and the last visit in Napa There has never been a problem each store the service has been exemplary never a problem rotation,punctures, etc. service just as it should be.

dodgert 02-25-2013 04:07 PM

ha i hate these thing when it gets cold alot of them go off and i have to explain this all day to people at my shop.

as far as mine it goes wonky every now and then says i have 60 pounds or 10 pounds in my tire when i check it its fine

JimsRamTruck2012 02-25-2013 05:20 PM


Originally Posted by dodgert (Post 1022505)
ha i hate these thing when it gets cold alot of them go off and i have to explain this all day to people at my shop.

as far as mine it goes wonky every now and then says i have 60 pounds or 10 pounds in my tire when i check it its fine

I heard that as well. When the temps change a lot in a short period of time, but jesus mine went off today and I found 1 tire was off by .5 psi. and in the past the psi has only been off up to 1.5.

And when I have taken the truck in there are no codes and all the tires check out fine.

I still think I have a bad sensor.

Anyone hear have any ideas.

Help!!!! :sad::Hey:

RammD 02-25-2013 10:44 PM

Glad to see this is working for others as well. My main thing is that it really allows you to get off the road ASAP "BEFORE" any major damage is done to A) the Tire or B) (and even worse) THE RIM!

It's just worked flawlessly on two different tires within two days apart! I should mention that when I had my (2007) Charger the TPMS system did NOT specify which tire it was that was losing pressure, it just said low pressure and often times as others have stated, it was a "false alarm" so to speak. However, most of those times it was on very cold days and I don't know all the physics to it but in simple terms when tires are COLD (sitting overnight) the air pressure is the LOWEST, so if you air pressure is already a few pounds low and it's a very cold night, the TPMS alarm indicator may very well go off. Any time my tires were filled to their correct tire pressure, even when they are 3-5lbs lower in the morning, the TPMS never went was only when the tires were already a few pounds low to begin with. So for all those people whose tire pressure alarm is going off on cold nights/mornings, I would suggest checking your tire pressure and filling it to it's proper capacity.

On my Ram, it's much more advanced and much better as (already been stated by other members) each individual tire is monitored and reported by the TPMS. This Ram is built like Steel and quick as lightning....nothing about it I don't love and I haven't had any issues with it whatsoever....awesome, awesome vehicle!

JimsRamTruck2012 02-26-2013 10:34 AM

RammD - You are 100% correct in what you are saying, and yes they are suppose to alert the driver when any tire is at least 3lbs down. That's the factory specs. My thing is they are going off when the tire is between a half to 1 and half lbs. down. Which according the dealer is not factory spec. I'm just trying like crazy to get to factory specs. If I'm asking to much please somebody let me know.

Also, RammD I'm with you on the fact that I really love the Ram. It is by far one of the best trucks I've ever driven, and I wouldn't think twice about getting another one. As long as Chrysler's Ram division keeps producing this quality and style of product I can't see myself in anything else other than a Ram. :smileup:

AcadianRam 02-26-2013 10:56 AM

I was on vacation this winter and it showed a screw into a tire on the right side at least that's what it looked like to me. I stopped and checked it out but could not see anything and the tire pressure was not going down. I was on my way back to canada and this was somewhere in South carolina. After about a 100 miles or so the picture went away so I continued home. Must have been some small object that went in the tire and after a while it came out

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