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Anshasi 02-23-2013 08:15 PM

Car overheat changed everything
Hello, ive changed head gaskets, radiator, waterpump, thermostat, and radiator cap. And my car is still overheating!!! It overheats after 10-15 mins driving! But as soon as i turn off my car and wait 2 mins the car's temperature is back to normal again! What could possibly be the problem?? Fluid levels are all in range. I feel its the new radiator. Is the 4.7 and 5.7 radiators different? Or could it possibly be for 3.7 engine?? How can i know if it is the correct radiator??

Its dodge ram 5.7 hemi 2006 4WD.

dwanton 02-23-2013 09:01 PM

no one else replied so I will give you something to check .

I am no expert in any way so when others reply take all in consideration.

I would start by making sure there is no air in the system .

by changing all of that stuff , you might have an air pocket in the system and it need to be "burped".

just because they are new parts doesnt mean they are good --

make sure the thermostat opens and the fans come on . if it is overheating right away then the new thermostat could possibly be stuck closed.

you could take the rad cap off , turn the truck on and let it get hot and watch to see if the fluid in the radiator starts to move before it overheats , if it doesnt move then the thermostat is staying closed , and make sure the fans come on . rev the motor and hold it and you might be able to get any air pockets out , this could take about 5 minutes or more . there are other ways to do this .

I have seen many parts packed with the correct part number but wrong part in the box -- so make sure the radiator , thermostat are correct by part number and the part itself.

good luck , I hope you get things figured out and it isnt something major and hope you havent damaged your motor .

Anshasi 02-23-2013 09:35 PM

Wont any errors apear in the test for codes if any part is not genuin???

Anshasi 02-23-2013 09:38 PM

the problem is that the car wont overheat unless i pit on drive and drive it as high speeds. I tried making it overheat when its on for 1.5 hours when not moving it but i couldnt! So i cant test the thermostat in the way u told me :( thank u though for tring! Any suggestions guys?!

HemiLonestar 02-23-2013 11:34 PM


Originally Posted by Anshasi (Post 1021072)
Wont any errors apear in the test for codes if any part is not genuin???

Doesn't work that way, you only get codes if something is messed up in the computer, wrong coil, misfire, etc. Wrong radiator or water pump will just be a pain in the ass or it won't function correctly at all.

meryl 02-23-2013 11:43 PM

hi . i had a problem one time with over heating . turned out my timing was off a few degrees. if you did not change the plugs , or any electrical ignition part then check the timming, maybe the chain or belt jumped. always change the belts at 60,000 mi. and not put new ones on with out marking pulleys sprockets etc. so they stay lined up. i rebuilt my motorcycle engin and had the sproket off one chain link. it was hard to start but man did it go . good luck

GTyankee 02-24-2013 12:11 AM

first make sure all the air is out of the radiator system, then do the same with the heater hose
start this video at about 8 minutes

Stump3r 02-24-2013 01:31 AM

Sounds like the system needs to be burped. The thermostat will open regardless of what condition or load the engine is under. For sake of an example if you have a 180 degree thermostat the second that the engine coolant reaches 180 degrees the thermostat will open and allow coolant to circulate within the block. This will happen if you are sitting at an idle or cruising down the highway, granted it happens quicker under load.
With an overheating problem as the video and above posts have detailed it can be multiple little things or one big one. A new thermostat doesn't guarantee that it works, back in my mechanic days I've installed new thermostats that did not open. After changing out a rad, thermostat, or water pump I always recommend doing a complete coolant flush. Ensure you've flushed the entire coolant system including the block as you don't want any remaining scale to find it's way back into the rad and plug it up. Once you've flushed the system and have filled the coolant back up, leave the rad cap off and start the engine. Allow the engine to come to temp watching the coolant level in the rad. Once your thermostat opens the coolant level in the rad will drop....often dramatically. Top off the coolant until it literally starts to flow out of the top of the rad. Tighten on the rad cap and you are good to go.

namccanna 02-24-2013 10:33 AM

One way to test the thermostat is to remove it completely. It will take forever and 3 days for the engine to get up to temp...but once it does, you can see if it overheats. If it does, then it's not the thermostat. Is it possible that the thermostat is installed backwards? I had a buddy that did that once.....cussed and swore the engine for days....we took the thermostat out (along with other things) and it was in backwards!

A couple quick questions said that the engine overheats within minutes of driving under load, won't overheat at idle in the driveway, but cools to normal temps within 2 minutes...... What are you using to determine you are overheating? The gauge? Or are you actually getting steam and fluid boiling under the hood?

The reason I ask is because the engine being back to normal temp after only 2 minutes does not sound right! It typically, even in below zero weather, takes more than 2 minutes for the engine temp to return to normal. Considerably more than 2 least 15-20 minutes, often longer in my experiences. If you are going by the gauges and warning lights then I would do some tests under the hood to make sure that you are in fact overheating. Check the coolant temp. If it isn't hot, then you have a sensor out somewhere....couldn't tell which one tho. I'm guessing that there is a engine temp sensor, or maybe even a coolant temp sensor.

Just my thoughts on things and what I would be looking for. Good luck!

namccanna 02-24-2013 10:38 AM

Side Note
That beast you have parked in your driveway is not a car! It is the best fricken TRUCK on the planet and should be respectfully referred to as such!


I'm just sayin'!

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