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Huntsvillian 02-26-2013 10:26 PM

Scratches, Wax & Buffing
SO now that it has been warmer than zero for a few days I've started to notice lots of little scratches and scuffs from the snow removal brush.

I was never one for detailing my other cars but I want to wax and buff it when the spring gets here.

Anyone want to put in there 2 cents with the best available common wax for small scratches and scuffs. I do have a small 8" buffer as well that I can use but I hate when it gets on the black plastic.


PaulMys 02-26-2013 10:36 PM

Good question, I think I have seen a little of the same on mine. But I'm sure the admins will move this to the washing/waxing section of the forum. I'll see ya over there!

Asur 02-27-2013 09:03 AM

After a winter you should full wash, Clay bar,full wash again, and wax your truck. If you have many scratches, there are hundreds of ways to get them to go, but what will determine what you will use is the level of scratches you have. BUT JMO, If you don't know what your doing, take it to a pro and have it done, you can so easily kill a paint if you don't do it right. Even a clay bar can kill your paint if you don't know how to use a clay bar. There are many Sites like Zaino brothers, and Adams etc that have read me files on how to do stuff. Check those out, if you still feel like its a job for you, then go for it, I do all my own work, I have seen some kill there paints, and others do miraculous jobs restoring there paint. But if you go out and get it done, stay with the guy and see what he does, spend the time and you will learn a ton.

RamRocket 02-27-2013 12:03 PM

You also might want to invest in a Hopkins Arctic Plow to remove your snow from the vehicle in the future. It has a foam covered plow with an expandable to 48" long handle. You can push or pull the snow off your vehicle without scratching. At $17.00 it's a good investment. Here is a link to buy one.

I bought one this year and we haven't got a drop of snow yet! :LOL:

Pull Ya 02-27-2013 12:04 PM

Some waxes, like Collinite 845 will not "stain" you black plastic. Another way to avoid that problem is take the time to mask off any plastic that is near a painted surface just in case you get to close when waxing. Usually you can use a good polish to take out the small scratches and then use a good sealant and top it with a good wax. Don't forget to claybar the surface before you polish, seal and wax.

dodgert 02-27-2013 01:02 PM

Just like ASUR said if you dont know what your doing take it to a pro you can f up your paint real fast.

But i use adams products myself they also have instructional vids to help out when it gets warm it will take me about 5 hours to deatail her.

Ill wash it with the 2 bucket system then dry it then clay it then hit it with this

then do a swirl haze remover

then i use a machine polish

then a sealant

then this

this i do once a year and the shine is fing amazing then i just wash her and wax her 4-5 times a year

im not in any way a spokes person for adams i just really love the products

this is how deep the shine is when im done truck looks wet

And in closing if you need something to give it a quick shine when dusty use this

pics of all the stuff i use

Grubrunner 02-27-2013 01:06 PM

Have you felt the bristles of those snow removal brushes?

Bad idea.....real bad!

Asur nailed it and dodgert uses the same products I do.

Good luck.

primo spaghetti 02-27-2013 09:55 PM

im only guessing here, but im assuming your 8 inch polisher is a simoniz type that comes with bonnetts. unfortunately with that machine, its purpose was designed to only be used to buff of wax residue, and not for any type of proper correction work. if you arent in the market for a random orbital polsiher, you will likely have to polish out your imperfections by hand unless you want to temporarily hide them, theni suggest you look for a glaze (whihc has fillers to hide imperfections, but it will wear off after a few washes, and it will need redone).

polishing paint by hand is a tough job, (id recommend investing in a PC or Griots R/O polisher) , and the only real way to correct those minor scratches is to polish them out, get a layer of protection (sealant or wax or combo of both) and start a regime of proper wash techniques including a two bucket wash method, and avoid the automatic car washes...

there is another snow removal tool called a snow broom that would help with the snow removal induced marring/scratching.

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