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rango88 02-27-2013 02:39 AM

Why did you buy a Dodge/Ram
I have never owned the same make twice so I don't have a loyalty based on make so I am curious as to why you bought a Ram instead of a GMC/Chevrolet, Ford, Nissan, Toyota?

What lured me is the fact that my brother has a 2010 Ram TRX Hemi and he has gone to hell and back with it, towing regularly, getting good MPG (better then my Ford Ranger did) while being the best looking and most Comfortable Full Size I sat in.

I guess it doesnt help that we have in the family:
1980 Dodge Bseries Van 225 Slant Six
1991 Dodge Bseries Van 318 (non magnum)
2001 Dodge Ram 1500 318 Magnum
2010 Ram 1500 Trx Hemi

Plus my parents are also looking at a getting a 2013 SLT 3.6L
So I guess that had a small influence on my decision since I also Like the Titan, but my first choice is a Ram

So guys, why did you buy a Ram and not another make?

Excoastie 02-27-2013 06:46 AM

My first Ram was an '08 QC Big Horn. I purchased it sort of on a whim. I was getting tired of my Expedition (I missed having a truck), and decided to look when the wife wanted to go check out the SRT Caliber that they had locally.

We didn't like the Caliber, but I liked the Ram. I think it was mostly the color on that one, as the truck wasn't really anything special. I did some mods on the truck, and almost 3 yrs later I was looking around online, so my current '10 CC Sport and went to take a look. Once I had driven the '10 I was sold. The 4th gens are just so much of an upgrade from the previous models, it's the best riding truck I've even ridden in.

As for why I didn't buy another manufacturer. I don't like the looks of the newer Fords or GMs. I've got friends and coworkers that love their Titans, but when I checked them out when I bought my '08 they just felt cheap on the inside. As a result I didn't even look when I bought my '10, the same goes for the Toy, though I've always thought Toy's were more over priced than most of the other manufacturers, so I never considered them much.

I've always said that I don't care what name is written in the grill. I would consider either a GM, Ford, or something else if they would step up with the ride quality etc. I'm also planning on keeping my current truck for a few more years, so who knows what will happen in the mean time.


Kman521 02-27-2013 07:39 AM

Ram is by far the best looking truck and the best value for the money imho.
I dislike the GM look, my friend's Ford F150 5.0 gets a lot worse gas mileage than my Hemi and the Nissan and Toyota's are too expensive.

WhiskeyRodeo 02-27-2013 10:20 AM

well a few reasons,

I personaly have always been a GMC man, having said that most of my family are Dodge folks and I have company Ram's before so I knew I didnt hate them, but I wasnt in love. My heart still belonged to GMC.

When my last truck blew up I started thinking about what I was going to do. I work for a Fiat Group company so I said to myself well.....I should atleast see what kind of deal I can get.

I went down to my local dealer and took a quick look at a fully loaded big nearly turned me on a bit. It was a stunning truck, and i was immediatly comfortable.

So over the next few days I made sure to see a few more Rams, and I went to our local GMC dealer where I have a good relationship. I took the GMC out for a spin...went around the block and just didnt feel as blown away by the vehicle as I was by the ram.

So I gave it a bit more thought, and did alot of research and decided that Ram was the way to go!

I used the price to justify my choice against GMC but to be honest It was Ram or nothing. After that test drive I never even gave the GM another thought.

I am very proud of my truck, we make a great pair and suit eachother to a T.

It sounds funny but it is the perfect truck for me, we are damn near a perfect couple! haha

dodge man 02-27-2013 10:32 AM

I'm pretty brand loyal, and it dates back to about 1988 when I bought a 70 Dodge Challenger and restored it. That car has moved on to a different owner, but my loyality is still there. I now own a 2010 Challenger RT Classic, and a 2011 300C that is my wifes car. I've owned a couple of Generic Motors pickups, but they never did feel right. My 18 year old sons car is an Olds and we just bought my daughter an Impala, so I'm not blind to the other brands.

JimsRamTruck2012 02-27-2013 11:17 AM

:SHOCKED: GM/Chevrolet :SHOCKED: 8k more for what I wanted. I too owned and enjoyed 2 GM trucks, but always had my eye on the Rams ever since the mid 1990s when they changed body style.

When I started looking for a full size truck the Ram for the price paid and what you get couldn't be beat. The quality is a little better than the other brands and the styling of the truck is just sweet as hell. :smileup:

So bottom line is for quality, styling, and price you can't beat the Ram and I hope Chrysler's Ram division keeps on producing this quality of truck because I will keep buying (when I'm ready to.).:smileup:

ILuvaMyTrucka 02-27-2013 11:25 AM

No brand loyalty here and I had never owned a truck before but I always liked the look of the Avalanche.

My best friend is a salesman at a Chevrolet dealer so I knew I was going to get a good deal so I took out the Avalanche and the Sierra. Still liked the Avalanche the best.

My Dad and Brother are Ford guys. So, I went there to check them out but too much money for the crew cab.

Then I went to Ram and took a Big Horn out for a test drive and immediately fell in love with it. Stopped at a parking lot and stepped out of the truck and just stood back at it stared. Right then I knew this was the truck I was buying.

Then I looked at the price and it was over 50 g's and there were still some more options I wanted. God Dammit, I just fell in love with this truck but now I would need to take out options to make it affordable.

Then the light bulb clicked and I remembered my mother works for a division of Chrysler so I could use the employee pricing to get the truck and options I wanted at the right price. SOLD!

Now I am just waiting for my truck to be built which is the hardest part, but this forum has helped subside that anxiety, lol.

P.S. - And yes my best friend is still my best friend, lol. All he said was "Well, I can't sell you a RAM so were still good. But if you bought a GMC/Chev from someone else you would have been dead to me."

hydrex 02-27-2013 12:25 PM

I was a Toyota owner before the Ram. In 2005 I was about to buy a Tundra, but the dealer wouldn't discount and gave me a crappy trade in value for my 2000 Extra Cab 4x4 supercharged loaded Tacoma. Insulted me with low ball. I tried out all the other trucks, liked the GMC best, got an exceptional price $11,000 discount and the 5.3 drove very nicely. Lastly I tried out a Ram. WOW, not even close, bigger faster, better looking inside and out. I was in love. Lastly, dealer matched the GMC quote on a better truck and gave me $6,000 more for my Tacoma than the Toyota dealer would. 185,000 trouble free miles later, now I'll never look at another brand, Ram, hell yea!

13RT 02-27-2013 12:36 PM

Have owned all kinds of trucks including Ram. I was at Sam's a couple of weeks ago and saw a "13 RT and thought it was the sharpest truck I had ever seen. Went from there to the dealer and they had a loaded out black that is now in my garage.

Hemiman345 02-27-2013 12:51 PM

back in the 40s my grandfather started farming bought a Ford and wore it out in a couple of years then He bought a Chevy same thing wore out in a couple of years. Bought a Dodge and never looked back it lasted twice as long as the others. (that is what he told me about his loyality to Dodge) I have only owned 2 vehicles in my life that were not chrysler vehicles Honda accord(wifes) and a 74 amc j10. there are 16 chrysler products in my Immediate family. you could give me any other make and I would drive it straight to a dealer and trade it in on a chrysler product.

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