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HorsePullinDodge 02-27-2013 04:19 PM

Persisent Misfire in Cylinder 5
Prior to getting a 'rebuilt' installed in my 02 Ram 1500 3.7, (the original engine ran ok, but a host of issues indicated a new engine was needed) I got a persistent code for 'misfire in cy 5'.....
Now that the rebuilt is in, the same code continues. I've replaced the coil, injector and plug in cyl 5, to no avail. We're going to pressurize the top end with a 'smoke machine' to see if the plenum is cracked. While the engine runs smoothly under load, it idles a little to roughly for my liking. I'm told that 'all V6's idle roughly, to be expected'.......
Anyone else have this problem with their 3.7's?....If the 'top end' isn't leaking, what else can we check? Any ideas?

RamTech 02-27-2013 04:25 PM

My 3.7 idles fairly smooth, but many V6's have vibration issues. This is why the 3.7 has a balance shaft and the 4.7 doesn't even thought they're practically identical in other aspects. If there's no manifold issues found, I would look into the wiring for the #5 coil and injector or even a PCM issue.

HorsePullinDodge 03-12-2013 12:29 PM

All injectors & coils checked out ok, but problem persisted. Took to another mechanic, who agreed that all checked out ok, but found (how, I don't know....amazing) that a 'particular injector' didn't 'play well' with another cylinders coil.....(meaning, the injector and coil were on two different cylinders, neither were cyl 5!!!)........Once he replaced the 'bad (but good!) injector & coil.....Its running fine, without the original #5 misfire.......
Strange but true.......

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