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mcritchie 03-02-2013 08:05 PM

13 ram sport dash lights and radio won't turn off
Hey guys and gals,

I have a 2013 ram sport with the 8.4an system. I just noticed that when i exit the truck and lock the doors the radio and the instrument cluster lights won't go out. I am aware that there is an "engine off" section among the setting where you can change the time before the headlights and radio turn off after the engine is shut down. My settings are at 45 seconds for the radio and 30 for the headlights (or vise versa). Anyway, have any of you guys had this problem? any ideas what the problem could be? Also, is there battery rundown protection on the truck?

smokey988 03-02-2013 08:28 PM

Yes the Ram comes standard with (IBS) Intelligent Battery Sensor.

The intelligent battery sensor technology is used to continually measure the flow of current into and out of the battery. If the battery is running low, the system compensates by systematically shutting off onboard electrical systems to help prevent a customer from being stranded due to a low or depleted battery.

Nemmisis1 03-03-2013 09:56 AM

try to lock your car ans look through the window and see if it shuts off after a few secs. my wifes vw cc does that it drives me nuts makes me think i left the key in the ignition...there is also a power button on the radio hit that before you shut off your motor and then see what happens. ... i also have a 13

mcritchie 03-03-2013 02:48 PM

I left the truck sitting overnight and when i checked on it this morning the instrument cluster lights and radio are still on. I got it to start (just barley). Looks like its another trip to the dealer for me. No one else has ever had this problem?!

Stump3r 03-03-2013 03:46 PM

Being these trucks are all software driven it could be as simple as the truck needing a re-boot. Pull your negative battery cable off and let the truck sit for 20 minutes to a half hour. Re-attach the cable and see what she does then. If that doesn't do the trick, get her to the dealer. Could be a simple software flash to correct it.

mcritchie 03-03-2013 06:23 PM

Good idea! I'll post the results!

k1hanks 04-07-2013 11:05 PM

Having same problem. Instrument lights won't turn off. Drove it yesterday and this morning the battery was so low the radio didn't work. Same problem now so I guess it gets another jump start tomorrow morning.

GTyankee 04-08-2013 02:34 AM

with all the Rams built since 2009 & maybe a bit older ones
the alternator will never fully charge your battery
you will need to put it on a charger for a few hours to get the battery fully charged & after it is, the alternator will keep the battery charged at the normal rate

for some reason the Internal Regulator is set to work that way, its something a Dodge Tech can explain better

k1hanks 04-08-2013 09:48 AM

How does the alternator not fully charging the battery help with the dash lights not turning off?

gage0724 04-08-2013 10:05 AM

This is the exact problem I am apparently having too. '13 1500 CC Sport. Truck is at the dealer now getting worked on.

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