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ShawnC13 03-03-2013 01:41 AM

Fuel Additive
Just wondering if anyone adds anything to their fuel once and awhile. If you do what do you use and how often do you use it?

S.C. Express 03-03-2013 03:00 AM

Lucas fuel system cleaner and upper cyl. lube. At least once every 6k miles. I got a bunch of free Zmax from a friend a while back. I put it in my 03 Jeep Liberty, I can't say anything negative about the stuff. I won't buy it because it's almost 30 dollars a bottle, but the Jeep semed to like it... It runs like new with almost 100k on the OD.

HOTRODHARLEY 03-03-2013 04:35 AM

I use Lucas Fuel Treatment as well as Lucas Ethanol Fuel Conditioner with Stabilizers on every fill up. Modern fuel sucks to say the least and I trust these additives to help combat the negative affects of ethanol based fuels.

Hermes1 03-03-2013 09:10 AM

I have used Techron in my vehicles approximately every 3K.

Grubrunner 03-03-2013 09:59 AM

I use a 16 oz. can of Sea FoamŪ - Fuel Additive every fill since about Thx Giving '12 for it's stabilizing abilities. Specially considering I've been driving my Tahoe lately much more frequently than my Ram, so the stabilizing properties are beneficial as the Ram can sit parked for several days [week/s at times] before it's driven. I've been doing this - or at least a similar method - with every vehicle I've owned since 2005 regardless of frquency driven.

I also regularly use Sea FoamŪ also on all my commercial lawn and garden equipment too..... as well as my "toys.".

I'm a huge Sea FoamŪ advocate.

ShawnC13 03-03-2013 12:23 PM

Thanks for all the feed back guys!!

S.C. Express 03-04-2013 03:25 AM

I guess I have been lucky because ethanol fuel has never caused me a single problem. Zero problems on the numerous cars/trucks I have owned plus no one in my family has had a fuel system issue.. I hear tons of horror stories about it eating fuel pumps, clogging injectors and such. I have tried non ethanol gas several times in my Ram and I am pretty sure it runs better with the ethanol. It seems to do the best on 89 with ethanol. 93 octane with and without ethanol both killed upper rpm power..That's just the old butt dyno talking though.

chris0001 03-04-2013 07:45 AM

I run a can of Seafoam through the system every oil change.

Hermes1 03-04-2013 10:54 AM

When talking fuel additives, one has to consider what you are trying to accomplish, because not all additives do it all. So for example if your goal and/or needs are to clean the injectors and fuel system products like Sea Foam and Techron are great for the job. On the other hand if you drive little or are storing a vehicle where the fuel is likely to turn to varnish, a product like Stabil is the thing to use. To mitigate the effects of ethanol, there are still other products such as Stabil for marine use (green) which will help with the low use storing issue, but also helps protect the fuel system from the harmful effects of ethanol.

ShawnC13 03-04-2013 11:14 AM

Yes I should have stated it was for cleaning purposes. Will be putting something through the system to help clean the injectors

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