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SouthernRam 03-05-2013 05:12 AM

I have an 08 with a 2 inch block on the rear if I ordered a 2 inch strut extension for the front will this make the truck set nose high or close to level. Any suggestions would be great

starquestbd22 03-05-2013 06:41 AM

If the rear has been raised 2" then raising the front 2" is going to set it back to the factory rake, just 2" higher all around. Typically our trucks stock are at least 2-3" higher in the back than the front, so this wouldn't come anywhere close to leveling your truck. If it has a 2" lift in the back and is stock up front it must look like a dragster, lol.

To get it close to level you would want to pull the rear block AND add the 2" front lift. That should get you very, very close to level, especially by eyeball. Or you can leave the front stock and order a set of 2" lowering shackles for the rear. Whichever you prefer.

If you decide to level the front I would at least consider the Bilstein 5100 leveling shocks. They are a little pricey but they are also the best. Hope this helps!

Ohhhh and by the way....just saw this was your first post. Welcome to the forumz! If you haven't by now, hop over to the Newbie thread and introduce yourself.

SouthernRam 03-05-2013 07:14 AM

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Thank for the reply I've had the truck little over a year and the suspension is all that I like in having the truck were I want it he is a pic of it when I got it

starquestbd22 03-05-2013 07:30 AM

Great looking truck. I really like the color. She definitely sits @$$ high! But as I said earlier, all of them do. It honestly doesn't look quite as high in the back as I expected if the front is stock and it has a 2" block in the back. Are those tires 275/60 or 275/65?

Have you measured front and back? Park it on level ground and measure from the ground straight up the center of the rim to the lip of the fender. I'm curious to know how much higher the rear is than the front. If the front is stock the rear should be around 4" higher but it doesn't really look that much higher in the photo.

SouthernRam 03-05-2013 07:53 AM

Thanks i havent measured front and back and the tires are 275/65's I mean she sits high in the rear but on level ground it looks ok

starquestbd22 03-05-2013 08:04 AM

I thought the tires looked a little taller than stock. That might be one reason it doesn't look as high as I expected.

I'm just wondering based on how it looks now....if you want it to sit higher you may be able to leave the back alone and raise the front up close enough to match. Or if you would prefer it sit lower you could take that block out of the back and see how close that gets you. There may be but it just doesn't look like a 4" difference from front to back and if the front is stock and the rear lifted 2" it should be at least a 4" difference if not more. I'm thinking you aren't getting 2" of lift out of that block in the back. Throw a tape on it, it'll tell the tale and help you decide what to do to it.

The rear of mine is stock and sits right at 40" give or take depending on fuel and how it's parked. The front should probably come in around 37 or maybe 37.5ish.

SouthernRam 03-05-2013 08:17 AM

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Yeah I'd like to leave the rear alone and maybe raise the front that's why I ordered the ready lift 2' strut extensions figured it would raise it some in the front not making it nose high and on level ground she doesn't look too bad I'll measure the rear and front though

starquestbd22 03-05-2013 08:31 AM

I don't think there is any chance a 2" front lift will set it nose high. My guess is it will put you pretty close to level but still a tad higher in the back.

SouthernRam 03-05-2013 09:47 AM

I really appreciate the input it helps because I was really concerned it would site nose high another question since I'm new how do I get my mods to show on my post again thanks for the input

starquestbd22 03-05-2013 10:59 AM

Off the top of my on "USER CP" at the top left of the page and then click on "EDIT SIGNATURE" which will be in the column of options on the left of your control panel. You should be able to put your mods in there and then save it.

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