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BuckWild09 03-09-2013 10:34 AM

Lower Strut Bushing cannot be replaced??
Im pulling out my old struts and putting in new Bilstien 5100's. I got eveything taken off BUT I could not get the lower strut bolt to slide out. I beat, pryed, sprayed.. everything i could. I didnt want to take a torch to it since it is partially rubber. So i just cut the lower brackets of the strut off. Went to every auto place and even called the dealer. Everyone is telling me i have to spend $450/side to buy new lower control arms that have the bushing!! this is a load of $hit if ive even seen any. Really a $10 bushing and theyre gonna try to screw me that hard. What the hell:po::po::po: Is there any aftermarket bushings anywhere? or am i really out $900 on a simple strut swap. somebody please help me before i loose my mind

BuckWild09 03-09-2013 10:43 AM

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heres a picture of the SOB

BuckWild09 03-09-2013 01:00 PM

found my own answer.

If you call the dealer they will tell you you have to buy new control arms. This is a LIE! you can get new bushings from NAPA that are exact fit. Call it control arm bushing.

NAPA part#: 267-3738

I bought new galvanized bolts from the dealer. They are $15 but im sure you could also find grade 8 bolts at Fastenal or somewhere.
Just some info that maybe will save somebody some money.

BuckWild09 03-09-2013 01:06 PM

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top one is old. (metal sleeve still in Lower Control Arm)


bottom is new. # 267-3738

gonefishin776 03-09-2013 02:39 PM

I had the same problem, wish I saw ur post earlier i could have told you YOU CAN buy the bushing separate. those bushings made my bilstein install a bitch. glad u got it straight. good job

Wis071500 09-29-2014 05:54 PM

How did you get old bushing/sleeve out
Just wondering how you got the old one out? The metal sleeve part that is and how easy is it to press/hammer the new one into the control arm?

Xag 10-14-2015 10:41 PM

I am also wondering how you got the sleeve out. Im currently trying to do so and the only one that the rubber came out on is the driver side. The passenger is completely seized and wont budge an inch. When i use a ball joint press (someone told me that it would press out that way) the big washer doesnt fit entirely underneath.

Wis071500 10-15-2015 06:24 PM

Here is what we ended up doing. Took a torch and cut off the forked end of the strut. You're tossing that old one out anyways. Then you can get the back side of the fork off and then just use a torch to burn away the rubber. We just kept burning the rubber until the cup thats pressed into the a-arm was really hot and the rubber bushing was slick due to melting. ONE hit with large hammer on threaded side of bolt pushed it out. (HAVE NEW BOLTS AND NUTS READY) Once rubber bushing is out then use a hammer and chisel to slowly fold the cup inward on itself. Start at the NON FLANGED Side. Just use chisel and hammer it towards the middle where the bolt would be. NOW, You're going to need some kind of large metal bar or something to help hammer the new bushing in. DONT hit the bushing directly. Use two people for that purpose. One to hold the large piece of metal and one to hit it with the hammer driving the bushing in. NOTE. When burning out the bushing, Put some kind of tin, steel or other metal sheeting above the bushing and below the 4wd boot for the front drive axle. Otherwise you'll burn that and need to replace it too. :) Hope this helps.

Xag 10-16-2015 10:51 PM

Thats exactly what i did too. Minus hammering in the new bushings. I rented a Master Ball Joint press and got them in in under 10 mins. Spent most of my time cleaning the wells before putting them in after getting the old ones out.

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