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mikeovon 03-19-2013 09:44 PM

2006 Ram tire help???
I recently purchased a 2006 dodge Ram off a friend. It has a 3in body lift and leveling kit. I was running 33s on it with no problem but I would like to upgrade to 35s. I like the fuel Hostage rims but I am unsure if the offset will work with 35s. My local tire dealers are of no help. I would like to know if 35s would fit with what I have. Also, should I get a 10in or 9 in wheel? Does a wider wheel make the tire look wider? Please, I am ignorant about this tire stuff and need some help so I donít buy wrong wheels and tires for my truck.

Canadian Hemi Pride 03-20-2013 12:33 AM

People on here fit 35's with just a leveling kit.. so the tires will fit good. I am unaware if the fuel hostage rims will work... I am sure there will be someone that jumps in.. You could also post in the tire section.. might be able to get a faster/ better answer.

starquestbd22 03-20-2013 08:49 AM

What offset were you thinking? It looks like the Hostage is offered in several offsets including +1 and -12. Either of those offsets should allow you to run 35's just fine. That's based on a 9" rim. I'm sure they offer a 10" rim with an offset that would clear the 35's as well. I would say the rim width and offset you choose really depends on how much you want them to stick out.

mikeovon 03-20-2013 09:17 PM

Thank you both for the response. I just want to fit the 35s without them sticking way out. either offset would be ok.

starquestbd22 03-20-2013 09:23 PM

If you don't want them to stick out too much I would suggest going with the 9" rim in the +1 offset. That should run a 35x12.50 just fine. It will stick out more than the stockers obviously but probably not to the point where you would need flares.

mikeovon 03-20-2013 09:35 PM

Cool thank you for your time. I am glad they will fit!

mikeovon 03-20-2013 09:53 PM

I will keep you posted and post a pic when I get them. Thanks

mikeovon 03-20-2013 09:59 PM

oh one more thing. If I go with the +1 offset will it matter what wheel size I go with? 20in 18in ect ect? If I go with a 20X 10 with the +1, the extra inch over the 9 inch wheel will be on the outside not the inside. Is that right?

starquestbd22 03-21-2013 08:21 AM

Holy crap!! I was just almost finished with a really long email full of math explaining my answer to your last questions and I accidentally hit a key that made my computer go back a page and lost it all, lol. Oh well, you probably didn't want to read all of that anyway. Here's the very shortened version.

For your first question, you are correct. As long as width and offset doesn't change, then fitment doesn't change. Doesn't matter if it's a 17", 18", or 20" rim.

For the second question, going to an inch wider rim with the same offset would actually add equal amounts to both the front and back sides of the rim.

And lastly something else to help you decide. I'm going to skip going through all the math that I had previously typed but just to give you some idea, a 9" rim with +1 offset will stick out about 0.75" more than a stock 20" rim. I just looked again and it doesn't look like they offer the 10" Hostage in +1 offset. The 10" rim with -12 offset will give you the clearance to run 12.50's but will stick out about 1.75" more than a stock 20" rim. And keep in mind not only will the entire rim and tire stick out X much more than stock, you will also be running a much wider tire which will make it stick out even more. So in this particular case (due to the different offsets of the rims you are choosing from) the 1" wider rim will actually add all of the extra width to the outside.

So there's the short version. Imagine what the version that I lost looked like, lol. Hope this helps you decide!

mikeovon 03-21-2013 09:48 PM

Thanks again. I am starting to understand. I think I will order the 20x9 +1 offset http://IMG-20121224-00335with a 35 1250 toyo open country mt. A 10 in wheel wont probably make it look much different anyway and I dont want them to stick out any further. I will take your suggestion!

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