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KevinGoodyear 03-23-2013 03:57 PM

Spark Plug change and AC problem
I made a post about this...but dont think I did it in the right place..I will try again...I changed my plugs earlier in the week, moved the AC low pressure line over a little bit, really just a hair, and then the next day I had NO AC AT ALL!! Leaked out all my R134a behind the expansion block/valve. The AC oil leaked out down to my frame rail. I removed the block/valve and saw where the lower torx screw was loose and corroded (the top torx bit look better and was much tighter). I ordered the 4 new O rings from the dealership and reinstalled AND cleaned the torx screws and replaced. I added three cans of R134a (just temporary till I KNOW its not leaking anymore). My wife is driving the truck and will return tomorrow...sure hope the block isnt leaking behind it anymore. If not I will have the AC system sucked/dried and recharged the correct way...this is just temporary. The dealership said I cracked the evap core and...well, you know what they said next right??!! But that evap core lines are/were so dang tight I dont feel that I broke the evap core connections...I mean, I didnt yank and pull and push the low side line...just moved it over about a hair...any ideas? Kevin in Dallas

KevinGoodyear 03-23-2013 05:15 PM

Just thought I would make a note in regard to the spark plug change...I did replace the plugs with the OEM NGK's from the dealership and I must truck idles MUCH MUCH better and much better throttle response. The only mods I have done was I put a K&N drop in air filter and did the transmission mod (that increases the internal pressure for much better shifts...sorry, cant remember what it was called. It was the resistor that is plugged into the side of the transmission bell housing) and did a Trifecta bed cover. I plan on doing a S&B CAI within the next month or two...just wanted to update about the plugs.

KevinGoodyear 03-24-2013 07:36 PM

Well if anyone was interested in my situation...wife brought the truck home and looks like I dodged a expensive bullet. The expansion valve/block is dry and the AC compressor is kicking in like it should. Now I am going to get the AC system evacuated and recharged correctly (because I know I have tons of air in the system and do not need or want the air to freeze in the system). Anyways...thats the update. If anyone changes their plugs...I would go with the OEM NGK from the Dodge dealership and watch out for that low pressure AC line!! My wife says she noticed the truck got better fuel mileage and did idle much better...I also forgot to mention that I have in-line air filter that I got from Home Depot that is the kind you use for air compressors and it has been in the truck for the last 6 months and it is working just fine...cost me about $15.00. Now I am going to purchase and S&B CAI w/snorkel tube. Got some other mods in mind...Kevin in Dallas

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