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McDawg 03-25-2013 02:46 PM

Hello all, I'm new here and was hoping..
to find some help with a multiple misfire problem that won't go away.
Here's a brief desription of what's going on. Loss of power, flashing engine light while accelerating, P300 304 305 306 307, complete tune up, disconnect battery to clear codes, no improvement, codes 300 304 306 returned,
?clogged cat? removed forward O2 sensor, no change. I'm befuddled, any ideas?

Longer version
I've had some other work done to it right before this misfire problem started. That part of the story starts with the water pump going south on me which I think led to a coolant leak that was coming from the timing chain cover. I fixed the leak and about a week after that the coil decided to stop working, I replaced it and all the while noticing that something didn't feel right since I fixed the leak. Then the engine light starts flashing when I accelerate, I find the codes and figure it's time for a full tune up. Plugs, wires, cap and rotor (if I ever find out whose idea it was put it back there between the engine and the firewall I'll punch him in his head just for general principles) and then I clear the codes but it still runs like crap. Someone told me that if the cat is clogged it would cause a misfire from the back pressure of the exhaust so I removed the forward O2 sensor and that only made it so the backfires and burps could heard as well as felt. I'm at a loss and don't know what to do next, does any one have any idea why my truck isn't running like a pair of 34Cs look, perfect. Thanks for any help offered.

TinMan68 03-26-2013 12:04 AM

this might sound stupid but I have seen it happen. If antifreeze was spilled on anything you could have some crossfiring going on. Even from a hot to a ground.

Good Luck!

deathwobble 03-26-2013 10:03 AM

How many miles on the truck?

McDawg 03-26-2013 10:51 AM

the truck has 221, 000+
The engine could be as much as 125,000 . I replaced the original with a used less than 100,000 miles gauranteed and that was approximately 25,000 miles ago.

deathwobble 03-26-2013 01:40 PM

Well, my truck was missing because the timing chain was stretched out. Have you verified the coil is ok? New parts can still be bad. Like tinman said if the wrong thing got wet.could cause lots of problems

McDawg 03-26-2013 02:00 PM

Will driving it cause damage?

JWM59 03-26-2013 02:17 PM

Do you have a code reader slash monitor? Before I trade my 05 Ram in I was having the same problem. I have an Actron reader and I can monitor the O2 sensors. They should read about .7 I had a bad sensor bank 2 sensor 1

MACKEYAUTOREPAIR 03-27-2013 01:38 PM

Well, if Im wrong you can punch me too, but I gotta ask. Cylinders # 4 & 6 are right next to one another on the head, is it possible you mixed them up?

McDawg 03-28-2013 09:34 AM

I went through it yesterday and re-did the tune up because that's what I thought might be wrong, it wasn't. When I finished re doing the tune up I started it and ran the engine under load in the driveway. No change, engine light starts flashing at around 1500revs. I did notice a patch of soot under the tailpipe. I'm starting to think my problem may involve the fuel pump which was replaced with a used one from the junkyard. Fuel pressure needs to be exact, 300 (random misfire) would make sense if the pressure was off, but 304 and 306 doesn't. The original engine had a misfire that wouldn't go away, 305, that turned out to be a damaged valve, I changed out the engine instead of doin the head and valve jobs. What causes valve damage and does this problem make anybody think of not one but two sucked valves? Will driving it cause more damage?

JWM59 03-28-2013 08:02 PM

Bad O2 sensor can tell the PCM to run rich or lean thus causing multiple cylinder missfire. If you have an Autozone near you they will hook it up to a scanner for free. It might be worth the trip.

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