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Stebbo 03-30-2013 08:09 PM

Transmission problems
Hi Everybody,

I've just joined the forum and have tried to search for my particular problem but with no luck. I'm on the other side of the 'pond' to most of you guys - in England and have owned my 2WD 2500 V10 for coming up to 10 years this next month. I must confess that it was a 'mid life crisis' and a weak moment on e- bay, and if I'm totally honest one too many gin & tonics. It originated from Miami Beach so you can imagine it was a real hardship to come over to check it out and arrange for it to be shipped back to England !

It had 58,000mls on the clock and I've added a further 70,000 and other than two front brake calipers and two catalytic converters I've had no problems and for the most part got 12 - 13 (indicated) mpg.

Anyway enough of the background, the problem is the transmission. Recently I've noticed that all too often when I start to accelerate, even moderately, the revs will increase to 3000 + but it won't change up, unless I back the revs off and then it generally does change gear. It only seems to happen when changing from second to third. I must confess that the transmission fluid hasn't been changed for 40,000 mls - could it be as simple as that ? and even when it was last changed I'm not sure it would have been flushed as the local garage specializing in American vehicles did the work and I don't recall flushing was mentioned ! I know they used Dexron 2 but I get the impression that's not very well liked ? I did ask that the bands were checked.

So before I bore you all to tears, is there enough information here for anybody to suggest what might be the problem. I'm not sure what gearbox it is and I'm basing the year of manufacture on the plate on the door pillar although it wasn't registered until April 2000. Oh, it was made in Mexico !

Any help would be very much appreciated



Apologies to the mechanic. He actually used Mopar ATF + 3 7176. Is that any better ?

RamTech 04-02-2013 02:21 PM

If the bands are properly adjusted and the correct fluid is indeed in the trans, then, it's time to check the clutch volume indexes. If they're abnormally high, that indicates worn clutches and that it's time for a rebuild.

99 V10 04-02-2013 09:41 PM

First check the fluid, is it FULL? Is it burnt looking or smell burnt? Check the band adjustments.

Stebbo 04-03-2013 10:00 AM

Thanks for your thoughts guys, much appreciated. I'm afraid gone are the days when I would have tackled this kinda thing myself but I guess being of the 'old school' when cars didn't have computers and fault codes etc, I'd rather leave it to the experts. Not only that but I'd like to think they ought to do it quicker. I've booked it into an American vehicle specialist who's looked after anything other than oil changes etc since I've owned it. I must admit his thoughts were that if the oil looked or smelt burnt then the box had had it ! I've asked if the oil looks good to flush and change oil and filter and to check the bands and other associated linkages etc.

Thanks again and I'll certainly remember to mention about the 'clutch volume indexex'.

69 XS29L 04-08-2013 07:10 PM

Changing the fluid as you said you would eliminates the possibility of low level or clogged filter.
If the fluid is currently foamed up and the level is not high, then you could have a leak on the suction side of the pump. Incorrect line pressure will cause problems. Not likely.
Likewise an electrical fault, bad wire, water or corrosion in the PCM connection, etc. in the wiring to the governor which controls pressure, would be trouble.
The throttle pressure cable must be properly adjusted. Could stretch a little over time.
Front band is for upshifts, rear band is low/reverse.
You could check the band servos and clutch packs for leakage while you have the machine down to change the filter by dropping the valve body applying a little air pressure to the appropriate passages. Let you know whether to put it back together and look elsewhere or start planning a rebuild.
These transmissions are pretty solid. Mine looks like the TorqueFlite in my Charger inside, and a 727 could handle a 450 hp 440 just fine. The weakness seems to be the single clutch setup in the torque converter slipping, overheating fluid and contaminating the rest of the tranny with junk. An indication of this might be the PCM not allowing LU/OD under load due to temperature.
Good luck, Chango

Stebbo 04-13-2013 04:31 AM

Hell !! Thanks for all that ! I'll certainly print your thoughts out and pass them on to guy who's likely to sort the problem.
As I explained, I don't do any 'tinkering' myself anymore, everything is far too complicated and I think to be honest I've 'grown out of it' !
The story so far however, is that I've had the transmission flushed (so the garage says - he only charged for 5 litres of oil and I'm not sure if that's cos he likes me, feels sorry for me or didn't flush it ?) the oil and filter changed, the bands adjusted. He did say that the oil wasn't bad but the filter was pretty clogged. Perhaps not surprisingly it's made no difference.
The specialist trans guy, who I spoke to next and apparently knows these boxes well said that a common fault was the servo. If not, then a thorough check over and likely rebuild ! Likely cost 700/800 and 1400 respectively + 20% tax ($1000 -1200 & $2100) How does than sound ??
As I said, I will certainly pass on all your thoughts. Thanks Guys.


99 V10 04-16-2013 12:02 AM

$2100 for a complete rebuild? No a bad price IMHO.

Stebbo 04-20-2013 03:23 PM

Thanks for the re-assurance on price 99 V10. It usually seems to be 's for $'s when comparing anything from the U S if bought on this side of the pond but I guess most of the cost will be labour in this case.

Pman 06-09-2013 01:30 AM

Any updates? What happened? Did they get it fixed?

Stebbo 09-28-2013 01:25 PM

Hi All,

Latest update !

Finally had to give in and take the truck in to get it sorted. I took it to the gearbox guy and he said it needed a 2nd gear clutch and a new torque converter, but that wasn't all ! Apparently the gearbox casing was cracked inside where one of the bands was anchored and it couldn't be welded as it would cause the band to be mis-aligned ? That was over six weeks ago and he claims he's still trying to find a gear box casing at a reasonably price. I can't imagine he'll have too much choice over here !

Anybody here in England able to help ? He says a replacement casing would get me out of a muddle and would include one at the right price in the price of the job, so I suppose I shouldn't complain, but being without the truck in very inconvenient ! Failing that anybody over 'the other side of the pond' able to offer any suggestions ?

Is the 2500 gearbox unique to that model or is it shared with any other models ?

Look forward to your responses.



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