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steveschaedel 04-09-2013 12:39 AM

Alarm problems - anyone else ?
My damned alram has gone off the last two mornings in a row - I click the fob to turn off the alarm and it starts blaring away and wont stop - I have tried pushing all the buttons and even holding them down - eventually it is either stopping or I finanlly got the right combo of buttons. This morning I was able to get in and start it while the alarm was going off but then the ignitiion wouldnt give me the key back after I shut it off - pushed the buttons again - started it again and finally got the key back - then it finally stopped. Only have 3500 miles on it so i know the easy solution is take it to the dealer but does anyone have any similar issues or advice ?:4-dontknow:

RedRam10 04-09-2013 02:03 AM

a warm welcome to the greatest Ram ForumZ on the web. We love photos, hope to see some of your Ram soon!

Try posting this in the help section.

ThomasaurusWrecks 05-20-2014 12:00 AM

I just had something very similar happen. Long story here but it has to be shared - if for nothing at least a laugh:
I always carry two sets of keys on me - one with the fob and one with just the standard unlock "get you inside the truck key" just in case I lock my keys in the truck when I'm hours from home. I had left my fob inside my house and simply needed to unlock my truck to get something out of it (yes I lock my truck in my own driveway). I used the standard/non-fob key that came original with the truck and as soon as I opened the door BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarm start wailing - lights and horn. Meanwhile it's 8:30pm, a quiet country evening, in a decent size neighborhood, and my 3 year old is trying to get to sleep with her bedroom window almost directly adjacent to my truck... I ran so fast inside my house to get the set of keys with the fob on it and ran back outside not even bothering to put my shoes back on (now I'm outside in my socks) - I hit every button on the fob the whole way out of the house and nothing would stop the alarm... I was in panic mode and at times my insane profanity might have been louder than the horn. I was able to lock and unlock my truck with the fob, even put the fob in the ignition and started the truck, put it in gear and was able to drive it back and forth... Alarm still wailing... I shut the truck off, popped the hood, glanced at the battery terminals, ran into my garage, grabbed a 10mm Gearwrench and out of $__t luck it was the correct size - 3/8" would probably work too but I was in a panic and also grabbed a pair of vice grips just in case. At that point I was two seconds away from smashing the entire truck with my bare hands until that alarm shut off... As soon as I removed the terminal it finally stopped. I then waited a couple minutes, grounded the hot to the nearest body screw and tried reconnecting the battery - BEEP BEEP! and quickly unhooked the positive a second time. After that I actually to>>owners>>contact us and called the one phone number on that page. Remember - this was about 8:50pm, after holding for only 3 minutes I was actually connected directly to a person whom I could clearly understand and was helpful enough to calm me down. He actually called a Ram dealer on the West coast in California for me and talked to a service tech there. The service tech thinks there is a problem with the truck and suggested to bring it to the nearest dealer - I already expected to hear that but I was NOT willing to tow it since it would run and drive. The service tech suggested to at least pull the fuse for the horn so I could at least drive it to the dealer with the lights flashing if I was willing. I found the horn fuse easily and gladly ripped that out. I tried diagnosing it myself with several methods now that the horn wasn't keeping the whole neighborhood and my 3 year old awake but all my lights were still flashing like crazy. Its now been about 45 minutes since this ordeal began. I went inside and found this ramforumz and on another thread with a similar problem a guy suggested to cross the positive and negative battery cables to discharge the electrical system and essentially reset the system. Then he suggested to reattach negative terminal, then positive, and once the alarm started going off again to press the UNLOCK button on the key fob. I tried that but it didn't work for me... My truck is equipped with the uconnect and has a factory remote starter. I noticed the dash said "remote starter disabled - start vehicle to reset" so I put the key in the ignition and for some random reason I decided to put the key in the on position but not start the truck and press the car starter button on the key fob. The alarm simply stopped! Like I said - once I pulled the fuse for the horn, I took some time to try every combination of things you could think of - except that.

So to summarize my long drawn out story: If this happens to you, pull the fuse for the horn which stops your embarrassment/panic, unhook the positive battery terminal, unhook the negative, cross the two terminal wires together (not the actual battery terminals obviously), re-attach the negative, re-attach the positive, alarm lights start flashing again but who cares because the horn isn't blasting, you could try the unlock button to get in the cab, put the key in the ignition and turn to on position, press the remote starter button. For all I know you could try pressing the unlock button with the key in the on position if you don't have a remote starter. Maybe even start the truck and try that stuff but I'm just explaining how I got the alarm to stop for me. Now I don't need to rush it to the dealer however I will probably bring it at my convenience.
Thanks for reading - sorry it's lengthy!

ThomasaurusWrecks 05-20-2014 12:11 AM

...And don't forget to put the horn fuse back in place once the alarm problem has stopped.

If this has happened to you once, familiarize yourself with how to quickly locate the horn fuse in the fuse box under the hood and the little fuse tool to rip the fuse out. That will at least keep your embarrassment/nuisance to a minimum and you will be able to focus on fixing it yourself.

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