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rutrowlb 04-09-2013 11:27 PM

fuse tap and standard fuse part number
Two problems

1.blew a fuse it looks like the 2013 dodge ram changed the fuse sizes. I can find no auto part store that carries any for a 2013. Can some one help identify these micro fuse they are using. Other than going to a dodge dealer

2. I want to put in a fuse tap or "add a fuse" in the fuse box. The one I had for a older 2000 dodge ram does not fit (2013 is much smaller). Anyone have a clue to were to find one that fits a 2013

if I cant find a simple fuse tap I need relay power for a camper battery isolation relay. Any ideas were I can find power under the hood that only on when the key is on? I want something simple and dont want to do alot of modification on a truck with less than 100 miles on it. Oh btw I prefer not to use a voltage sensing relay. They are expensive, prone to failure and suck alot of current even when they are off (30mA or so)

Gatsy92 04-10-2013 12:33 AM

i dont know how small they are i havent looked yet, but i know my last 3 vehicles have had pretty small fuses. i couldnt find them at my parts source or canadian tire (auto zone in US i believe) but i found them at a store called princess auto and they work perfectly. but oddly enough as i said not in any car parts stores i went to. if no one has answered by tommorow i will check and see

rutrowlb 04-10-2013 03:10 AM

I appericate the look. I know could find them only if I had a way of descibing the fuse part type or style (ATC, ATC mini ....) or a little fuse or bussman part number. it amazes me that dodge would put a new type of fuse in the truck and not give a clue for a part number or style.

On the second part hopefully I am not the only person that needed under hood power for a camper or RV isolator. I think dodge got a bit lost in understand this is a very common truck application

rutrowlb 04-10-2013 04:48 AM

fuse identifed micro2 ????
After many hour of searching I think I may know what the fuse is
it is called a mico2. Can anyone confirm this is the right fuse for a 2013

Still in a big hurry to find a fuse tab or a add a fuse that works for the micro size

rutrowlb 04-10-2013 10:19 PM

shorted out fuse
The fuse search continues. not sure about the part number but found no autopart store has them, radio shack, napa, oriely. action auto. Had to final resort to shorting across the fuse. Dont blow a fuse in a 2013 on something important. Its been three days now and many hours of searching.

jeepguy 04-10-2013 11:17 PM

I haven't looked yet, but every car I've ever bought has spare fuses in the fuse box.

rutrowlb 04-10-2013 11:51 PM

no spare fuse on a 2013
all my other dodge rams had spare fuses. not on a 2013. Electical system is a real mess on the 2013 compared to my 2005

lots seem to have the fuse problem that is unsolved

and underhood switched power seen many post but never a answer

seem a very difficult vechicle to modify for campers and trailer folks the dealership seem think very strange application to put a camper in a truck and wasn't really made for it

rdsabin 04-11-2013 01:07 PM

All your user manual shows is that it has micro fuses and the slot locations and amps for each. Starts on page 671 I believe.

rutrowlb 04-11-2013 08:02 PM

The saga continues. I finally found a dealer that have fuses for the 2013. They only had 20 Amp ones for the 10A fuse. Least I was able to take out my short. I will keep trying to get a standard discription of the fuse on this site, may save someone alot of time

The under hood switched power continues (for my camper hook up). Tried to use a camper installer to do the job so far all have rejected due technical info on the wiring is hard to find. I most common reason given was they are scared of hurting the 2013 mutiplexed control system, One installer is searching for application info. Dodge dealer told me to go away!

jeepguy 04-11-2013 08:28 PM

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I just checked, and sure enough this truck has a new style fuse. Though my truck has spare fuses. F92 was listed as a spare in my truck and is 10A.

Here is a picture comparing the Ram fuses to a mini-blade fuse.

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