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Stusmobile 05-04-2013 08:26 PM

2002 sport, brakes kicking my butt
2002 4wd, rear wheel abs, 5.9 quad cab.

Failed inspection on a bad rear caliper/rotor.

Swapped out for new calipers and rotors on both sides. Started bleeding the brake lines and the abs valve to rear line blew through. Swapped out for a new line and started bleeding all four corners. Also swapped the drivers front flexible as the previous owner thread locked the lines there . Found the previous owner had used thread lock on the bleed nipples too so ended up swapping the front calipers too.

Got fluid at all four corners, but still zero brakes. Thinking that the master cylinder seals may have got screwed up when the line blew, swapped out to a new master cylinder. Bench bled the master, whilst hooking it up heard something loose in the brake booster. Ended up swapping out for a re-manufactured brake booster too.

Re-bled all four corners of the truck, fluid at all bleed nipples and still zero brake. Cracked all four caliper nipples and let the fluid gravity bleed for an hour, fluid at all four nipples. Vacuum bled all four corners again, same thing. Can get about 1/2 inch of brake pedal after 6 or 7 pumps but once you take your foot off the pedal, the brake is gone (engine off). With engine running there is zero brake at all and no amount of pumping firms the pedal.

As far as I can see, even if the rear wheel ABS is air locked, I should still be able to get front brakes. Front lines run from master cylinder down to the drivers side wheel well into a block. Block splits with a hard line under the engine to passenger side front. Other line is drivers front flexible.

Planning to bypass the rear ABS tomorrow, direct from master cylinder to the rear lines, after that I am lost. No ABS or brake lights on, no codes in the freeze frame data, nothing showing on my OBD II reader (OBD Wiz to a netbook) for the brakes at all.

Never had an issue like this and all advice welcomed.

HemiLonestar 05-05-2013 07:19 PM

Did you bleed the ABS module (need a DRBIII or compatible to do it)?

Stusmobile 05-06-2013 09:26 PM

Actually bypassed the ABS to rule out any air locks there, still having the same issue.

Chris65 05-07-2013 01:39 PM

Do you bleed manually?
For blleeding the abs system u need a "puls-bleeder".
This machine sets the system with ~2bar under pressure and pulses the brake fluid through. Without you will not get the air out.

Stusmobile 05-18-2013 01:51 PM

And fixed.

After ignoring the truck all week the obvious jumped out at me as soon as I slid under her to begin bleeding. Drivers side front caliper was wrong, the bleed nipple was on the bottom, not the top. Even a buddy who works at the local Dodge dealer missed that little issue, sometimes you really need to walk away and take a good break.

Took the caliper back off and returned it to the local store, turns out every single drivers side caliper they had was wrong, every single one was for the passenger side. Luckily they located another nearby, 15 minutes after getting home, the truck was rolling around the block with all four brakes working correctly.

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