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elinmon1976 05-14-2013 08:26 AM

out of work...welcome to the new economy...
I have recently had my position "eliminated" by my "largest recycler in the world" company.
Good thing is I have three companies interested in picking me up so maybe the lull will be short. If not, my wife is an RN so we won't starve LOL!

I know where we would live if I take one of the jobs but was wondering about places to live around the other two.

Augusta, GA-where would you want to live with three kids around this area? I gather not to live in the city from reading other forums.

Kansas City MO- same question here. I plan to be in the KC area end of next week so if anyone has any suggestions for me to look at as to where to live around here please let me know.

Excoastie 05-14-2013 10:26 AM

sorry to hear about your job issues. Glad that you've got several prospective employers looking at you though.

The info that I have on Augusta is many many years out of date. I lived in that area back in the early 80s for almost 5 yrs. I was just a kid, so keep that in mind...

It used to be that if you were in Columbia county, the schools were damn good, the same was true about some parts of Richmond county... mostly dependent upon where exactly you were.

Having said that we lived in Martinez. I'm not sure what the area looks like now, but back then it was pretty good. It was sort of the 'burbs without being too far out. I'm not sure what the cost of living was like, as I said I was a kid, so everything was too expensive from my perspective.

We also lived out in the Hephzibah area. This area to a kid seemed like it was out in the middle of nowhere, and it did take awhile to get to and from. The schools were great from what I remember, though. This was also an area where you had to travel past several mills. I think there was a paper mill or two, as well as a Proctor and Gamble plant (always smelled like baby powder as we drove by).

Hopefully someone else can chime in about the area that has more recent knowledge. I know I personally would not hesitate to move back if the need arose.

good luck


elinmon1976 05-16-2013 09:18 AM

Thanks Exco!
The funny thing is those areas are still the ones that the HR lady with that company told me to look into for house prices. specifically Martinez.

I'm really hoping for Ohio... Peedoodlum has been talking about Granville for years. I know it is colder up there but the change would be nice!

I'm headed to the big K.C. next week to see what those guys are offering. The Ram will stay here though...14mpg won't cut it on this trip so a call to Enterprise is in order! LOL!!

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