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KA1OTE 05-23-2013 08:37 PM

Radio Help - Please
The jist:

2012 1500 Laramie CC
730N radio installed
Rear camera installed
Uconnect Installed
Steering wheel controls installed
A fully loaded truck, if you will.

The USB ports (in the radio face and in the upper glove box) are not working. I have an appointment with the dealer tomorrow to look into this problem.

If they cannot fix it, they said they will most likely have to replace the entire radio unit.

If this happens, I would like to request they install a 430N instead of another 730N - mainly because I really do not care for the Navteq navigation and would prefer the Garmin unit.

But, before I make this request (if they cannot repair the 730N), I need to know the differences between the two units.. other than the navigation. As much as I would like to change for the different navigation, I don't want to end up with a lesser radio as far as HDD GB storage, fewer SiriusXM features, etc.

I have searched this forum, other forums, the internet and even Chrysler pages and cannot find a simple chart making the comparisons.

Please link me to a comparison page somewhere? Or, if someone is really knowledgeable and already knows the basic differences.. please type them out for me?

cbelar1500 05-23-2013 08:48 PM

Have you tried the uconnect website?

Here is the link. Hope this helps.

KA1OTE 05-23-2013 09:20 PM

Thank you for the link!

After looking it over and comparing the 430N to the 730N, seems there are a few differences.. in no particular order..

Garmin Nav vs NavTech Nav - I knew this going in and is the number one reason I'd prefer the swap

Traffic Link - I would lose this feature going from 730N to 430N (no biggie, I don't use it anyway)

Uconnect Voice Command
Handsfree calling
Additional USB port - All three of these are listed as Available Features for the 430N. But my truck already has all of these installed.

Other than a possible difference (not mentioned on that site) in the GB storage for the HDD, this seems as though it would work for me..

Would a 430N unit be a simple plug and play for my truck?
Meaning.. would everything in my truck work the same if I installed the 430N?

PaulMys 05-23-2013 09:44 PM

IDK, K.... Maybe GTyankee will chime in on this. On an unrelated note, did you ever get that damn seatbelt chime to stop?

KA1OTE 05-23-2013 10:02 PM

Yeah, GT is the resident expert on this topic..

I've been comparing the RHB to the RHR... according to the listed info on those pages, they are identical units (other than the nav). But I am no expert.. I just know what my truck currently has and need to know if the 430N RHB would be a plug and play application or if I would need additional parts or whatnot.

As for the seat belt chime.. no.. but I'm learning to just live with it..

PaulMys 05-23-2013 10:38 PM

Maybe when you go to the dealer, have them do the "delete seat belt chime" when they are looking at your radio. I know they sometimes balk at doing it, but just a thought........

GTyankee 05-24-2013 02:56 AM

the RHR & RER 730N radios do use the Navteq Navigation
they also have everything built into the radio

the RHB 430 has the better Garmin Navigation
BUT, it it has to have an EXTERNAL Uconnect Module
it can cost as much as $350

If you go to eBay & purchase the RHB 430N , i have seen then as cheap as $500
the then External module cost of possibly $350

You could recover a lot of the cost by selling the 730N
you would not have to go to the dealership to get a used unit flashed in, usually

if you are considering a change, i suggest going to the Crutchfield web site
pick the options that you want/need
look for one that they say FITS
unless you are willing to do some minor trimming inside the dash & getting a Double Din radio Bezel & getting a better after market radio that REALLY suits your needs

a load of people want to buy your 730N radio, ask around on here

as a side note:
i may research a lot on the MYGIG radios
but XSDBS is the Real GURU, he actually tries the MYGIG radios out for himself, just to answer your questions

KA1OTE 05-24-2013 02:32 PM

Paul - Thanks for the idea.. I didn't know the dealer has the ability to delete the seat belt chime.. I'll let you know how that request works out..

GT - Thanks for the info! So it sounds like I wouldn't lose any of the features I've come to love in my 730N IF the dealer says they can't fix the USB problem with it and they exchange it for the 430N (if they go for that request).

If I do change it, it will only be because the dealer cannot fix the current problem with my existing 730N unit. When they said it might come to installing a new radio unit altogether.. I started thinking that would be my chance to request they install a 430N instead of another 730N. I would think it would be a cheaper option for them.. but maybe not. Doesn't hurt to ask. So, if they can repair my current unit, then I will keep it. It's not a terrible radio.. just personal preference on the nav is all.

Also, as much as I would love to sell the 730N if the dealer does the swap for me.. I don't think I would get to keep the old 730N unit and I wouldn't feel comfortable selling something that didn't work as it should (USB port reading problems).

I'm off to my appt now.. I'll report back in a bit!

KA1OTE 05-24-2013 05:45 PM

Update.. service manager (and his team) could not get the USB ports to recognize inserted thumb drives (formatted correctly and should've worked) so Lance is making a few calls to the "Chrysler Gurus" and I should hear back from him next week about this.

We tested my phone connected via USB port and it worked.. but only for music.. not pictures. All of the thumb drives we tried contain both music and picture files and the radio wouldn't recognize the thumb drives at all. He believes we will most likely be replacing the entire unit due to the software being up to date.. seems like a hardware issue to him. Me.. no idea!

I tossed the idea of replacing with a 430N unit.. nope. Chrysler looks at VINs and sends the exact same unit if a replacement is warranted. I would have to pay for the 430N out of pocket. No thanks.. Garmin ain't that important to me.

So, I shall give updates as I receive them myself. To be continued...


Originally Posted by PaulMys (Post 1106429)
Maybe when you go to the dealer, have them do the "delete seat belt chime" when they are looking at your radio. I know they sometimes balk at doing it, but just a thought........

Thank you Paul!!! They were able to disable the seat belt chime in the system. So, no more having to do the trick over and over again! I tested it on the way home and indeed there is no chime whatsoever! I just have to hit 'Back' on the steering wheel to clear the EVIC warning.. and even that doesn't display again after you clear it just the once.
Perfection!! At least something went right today! :)

PaulMys 05-24-2013 06:05 PM

Oh man, Thats great, K!!! Glad they could help you out there...... Now maybe you can do that victory lap!!!!

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