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godsdodgefreak 05-23-2013 10:34 PM

Newbie muffler replacement
Hey all, this is my first truck and my first attempt at replacing a muffler, and I have a few dumb questions. Bear with me as I struggle my way through this! I want to replace the stock muffler with a Magnaflow, I'm looking at #11266. Obviously, this 18" muffler is a lot shorter then the stock (somewhere around 36" overall length?). I don't have access to welding equipment so I was planning on clamping all the pieces on. The cat and pipe have previously been replaced to about a foot before the muffler.

Do I need to buy a longer intermediate exhaust pipe to span the extra distance and fit into existing pipe? If so, does anyone have a part number? Can I just buy a length of 2.5" exhaust pipe and fit it on somehow? Does anyone have a good how-to guide for aftermarket muffler installation? Thanks, obviously I'm completely in the dark here. Any help is appreciated!

Nck 05-24-2013 07:00 AM

Yes. All you would have to do is buy the normal 2.5 pipe. Doesn't have to be name brand. If you want my advice though, I would take it into a shop and have them weld the muffler on. My first aftermarket was a magnaflow 44, and two times that deep rumbling bastard vibrated it's way out of the clamp. At that point I welded on a muffler delete pipe.

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