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tommk86 06-03-2013 03:52 PM

Kick down OD to 3rd to redline
2001 RAM 5.2L will kick down from OD to 3rd momentarily then revs like it is in neutral, nearly redlining engine. This is when I am stepping on it looking for that extra acceleration to get on the highway. Truck has 145K on it and I have owned it for about two months, so it still needs some attention.
Kick down from 3-2 is good. All other shifting is adequate it seems. Only other issue with trans is a slight hesitation to grab reverse right away. It takes a few seconds to grab sometimes then goes in R.
Reading the posts, I see it is better to get it to downshift to 3rd and then 2nd. I am already doing about 60-65 when I step in it, so I thought it would only go down to 3rd anyhow(?). A friend has suggested checking the solenoids. It is not low on fluid and the fluid is pink/red.
Should I give it 3/4 pedal instead of smashing it to the floor to get it to downshift from OD to 3rd then?
he scenario is like this, I am merging onto the highway going 60-65, I step on it hard to get her going. It downshifts, grabs 3rd(?) for a second or two, then it screams like it is in neutral and it looks the tach nearly redlines. I let off the gas, it goes back into OD and away I go wondering how close I was to throwing a rod. Obviously, I will keep my foot out of it in the future. This just doesn't seem right. My previous car before the truck was a 4cyl, so I am wishing to have the thrill of 8 cyl putting me back in my seat once in a while. I appreciate any suggestions you all may have.

rango88 06-03-2013 04:29 PM

Is the right fluid in the transmission? that tranny is notorious for not working properly with the wrong tranny fluid. My mother's '01 had the wrong fluid from the dealership and the torque converter destroyed itself in a month because of it. She only had 1st gear and reverse working on a truck that had 60K miles.

tommk86 06-03-2013 06:00 PM

I have no idea what fluid is in it. I bought it two months ago. Crazy that the wrong fluid could kill it so fast! Did they put Ford ATF in it?

dennis5150 06-11-2013 07:40 PM

I just talked to ramvan2500 over in the 2nd gen 5.2 post with a problem very similar to what your talking about , it sounds like we both have some work to do.

igotit 06-12-2013 07:59 PM

ramvan2500 knows what hes talking about.

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