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2k9ram 06-11-2013 11:10 AM

Bilstein 5100 washer placement
So I install the Bilstein 5100 Series shocks on my 09 Ram. After hearing some clunking going over bumps I decided to pull them off and check the install. I reseated the top isolator spacer to the spring but other then that all looked good. After reinstall I got the truck aligned but I am still noticing a clunking sound when going over bumps at slow speeds. I can not pinpoint where it is coming from and it may be as simple as the springs being stiffer and me being very picky.

While researching the forums for similar issues I came across a thread that stated the top shock washer should be mounted on the shock piston rod before the top plate. Can anyone confirm where the placement of this washer is supposed to be? The washer on the factory strut was below the nut on the top plate.

Is anyone else noticing any new sounds with the Bilstein 5100 installed that were not present with the factory struts?


gonefishin776 06-11-2013 11:42 AM

i seen threads like this alls boiled down to not installing the hardware in the correct order. Not sure of the correct order off the top of my head. there is a certain post out there where someone clarified.

whiteknight312 06-11-2013 12:07 PM

I did these on my Titan. the shop did not do them right either. I got specific instructions and pics from my Nissan forum site.

now scroll down about half way down and you see a parts separated in the pictures. washers and rubber isolators. I used this for my pictures to show the shop. they did it wrong 2 times for me. I could not get springs compressors to work. they bent the threaded rod cranking down! use a shop with these springs. But they failed to put in the metal washer in place. and rubber piece!!! idiots!


2k9ram 06-12-2013 10:37 PM

Thanks for the responses guys! I am glad I did not settle for the sounds that I was getting after the Bilstein install. I tore them apart yesterday and put them back together properly. Thankfully I was able to do the job myself and did not have to pay a shop to do it wrong. I cant imagine your frustration! I am guessing the wrong placement of the washer happens frequently with DIY as well as at the shop considering the factory washer is on the top plate.

For anyone stumbling across this thread before or after your Bilstein install.The process goes... Circlip at wanted ride height, Install Bilstein supplied Spring Seat Adapter, Install Factory Spring Seat, Install Bump Stop, Install compressed spring, Install Bilstein Supplied washer on piston rod, Install Separator Cap on Spring, Install Top Plate, Install Locknut.

whiteknight312 06-13-2013 11:08 AM

My guys really goofed it up. I am surprised you got the do it yourselfer spring compressors to work. did you get some commercial type ones? I tried 2 sets and I could not get the spring compressed enough to pop the nut off. almost breaking the rented tools! so they used the shop one and he had a hard time turning the wheel to compress them! the springs I used were taller and boy they were a bitch to compress of course and I used the lowest perch of the 5100.

I should have used the highest setting and scraped the new springs, but I had the nice height. in fact I wanted just to level, it was higher in front now! so I had to raise the rear with blocks!

Glad it all worked out.

2k9ram 06-14-2013 12:14 AM

Luckily I had access to a wall mount spring compressor for when I first disassembled them. I had attempted a home spring compressor and while we were successful in getting the top nut off I was not comfortable compressing another couple of inches to get the spring where we needed it to reassemble. So I just finished the job with a wall mount and we had no problems.

When I took them apart this last time I rented a spring compressor from my local o'Reilly Auto Parts. It didnt appear to be anything special. I broke the rules and hit each side with an impact taking turns per compressor. When they were compressed enough I took everything apart. It went rather smoothly. (thankfully)

I got everything back together tonight and took the truck for a test drive and all clunks/noises are gone. The ride of the Bilsteins is also very impressive. Even with all the work I am glad I went the Bilstein route.

Thanks again!

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