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colvin224 06-15-2013 11:25 AM

5.9 misfire help
Hopefully someone here can shed a little light on this for me. I just bought a ram from the inlaws a few days ago. Its a 2000 ram 1500 4x2 5.9 auto 4 door with 102k. I was able to get the truck for only $1300 because it didn't run and has been sitting for about 6 years without moving because it overheated one time due to a small coolant leak and lack of upkeep by the inlaws. I ended up putting a junk yard fuel pump in it to get it running because the old pump was trash. It actually started right up after putting the pump in. I have also replaced the distributor cap, starter, and battery. After I got it running while in park I reved he engine and it had a hesitation and sounded like it was lightly backfiring in the exhaust. so I got tags for it and drove it home which was about a 15 minute drive on some highway and some back roads. During the drive it ran fine for the first couple minutes but the longer I drove the worse it ran. it seemed to buck and miss and did it the most mainly when cruising with the trans in od at highway speeds on flat ground or down hill. while going up a incline or under a slight load it seemed to smooth out. also before I forget to mention it, the truck starts and idles perfect. while driving if I accelerate enough to drop down a gear or two the engine seems to be pretty smooth. its mainly having problems after it warms up at crusing speed with no or only slight load on the engine. last night I got on it pretty hard on the highway and the check engine light started flashing, I let off of the gas and coasted for a while and it stopped flashing but the CEL stayed on, so I took it to autozone today and had them read the CEL and got the following, P0300 random cylinder misfire, P0301 misfire cylinder 1, P0306 misfire cylinder 6, P0308 misfire cylinder 8. Also yesterday I did try resetting the pcm by disconnecting the battery for about 15 min and turning the key several times, no change in engine behavior. We are moving out of state and im starting a new job in 2 weeks so I need to get this fixed asap and don't have a ton of money to just start replacing every sensor and wire on the truck. Please help im lost :4-dontknow:

Warlock III 06-15-2013 02:03 PM

If it's a money issue (when isn't it) you can try an old trick I use.

Pull the plugs, clean 'em and re-gap them. Pay close attention to Cyl 1, 6, and 8, as they were the cylinders that were misfiring. Move those plugs to a different cyl (like 2, 5, and 7) and reset the ECM. Just pull the negative cable and cycle the key once to drain the system. No need to wait 15 minutes.

Take it for a ride and see if the CEL comes back on. If the codes come up cyl 2, 5, and 7 after the swap. You just checked to see if the miss followed the plugs. If so, then it's the plugs and you've diagnosed it at $0.00. If not, then it may be the wires. Wait til dark and fire it up. Check for any arcing in the wires because it's easier to see it, the darker the better.

It's always a good idea to reset the ECM (as stated above) each time you check the codes with a K3 check.

Hope that helps as a preliminary step.

colvin224 06-15-2013 03:31 PM

New plugs, new wires, reset, 12 minutes down the road CEL, same exact codes as before. so far ive eliminated plugs, wires, dist cap. Maybe the coil ? but i would think the coil would cause even problems with all cylinders. it seems strange that its not one single cylinder, and its also not one side of the engine. 2 on one side and 1 on the other side. Also i saw a tsb for wire routing earlier today and i did follow that with the old and new wires so thats ruled out. im pretty stumped, i would think if it was cat, coil, o2, ect it would effect all 8 cyl. and if it was a plug or injector or valve or something it would just be one single cyl acting up, but its 3 cyl on 2 different sides.

colvin224 06-15-2013 03:33 PM

This is why you dont let a vehicle sit for 6 years...

colvin224 06-15-2013 05:58 PM

Also just tried coil & throttle position sensor, no change. Im really stumped here.

Warlock III 06-15-2013 06:46 PM

Well the second thing would be injectors. Again try cleaning and swapping them out to see if the miss follows.

If they're not supplying adequate fuel it will show up as a misfire, because it's misfiring. The plug may be sparking but without fuel...there's no fire.

The coil doesn't choose which cylinders will misfire that'd be more of a distributor issue, like the pickup.

colvin224 06-15-2013 08:01 PM

i was also thinking injectors, maybe its 3 of them because it sat for so long ? ive also ready that the upstream o2 sensor can cause similar issues however i would think that as well would cause problems across the board. any recomended cleaning method for the injectors ? ive always just used the in-tank stuff which ive already tried with this truck.

Tanketh 06-16-2013 08:22 AM

I must state the obvious sorry...
He said HE PUT A JUNKYARD FUEL PUMP in a truck that was not well taken care of & sat for how long? No mention of it's filter? What happens to gas tanks over time that endure this? Then a junk pump? I get it he's avoiding throwin $ & parts at it but thers a few more top of the list items TO START AT...his in laws overheated it then basically parked it, so ya dont exactly know WHAT got overheated nor how bad for how long SO, u must assume the head gaskets could easily hav an issue due to the clue of it runs fine at 1st then loses power &....wich leads to the next big one, emissions! I guaran****intee u thos vac hoses & lines are SHOT! FIRST THING U DO IS PLUG THAT VAC PORT ON THE FRONTSIDE OF YUR THROTTLE BODY LOOKIN RITE AT YA (that goes to yur purge cntl cylnoid) & PLUG IT TIGHT!! that wil eliminate the section of emissions (comin from a rusty gas tank & dryed up split hoses...) THEN MAKE SURE YUR 02 SENSORS ARE OPERATING RITE, THEN REPLACE PLUG WIRES & (at least) CLEAN & REGAP did anyone notice he didnt say anythn about fixin that coolant leak that overheated it...?? Think about it yur thermostat is cooked, only God knows what u got for coolant in any part of it's cycle, gas tanks dry up fast & junk pumps yeah thats gamblin but even if ya gota decent one YUR TANK IS FULL OF SHIT plus yur emissions r all the hell off so the gases in the combustion chamber r not correct OR correct temp most likely burnin too hot destroying yur plugs & WIRES (reasn for misfires!) & COOKING yur c.a.t.......fix all of this then start over in the same fashion, get the p.c.m.'s "head right" & gas & spark & ALL FLUIDS where they should be THEN evaluate how its functioning & go from there...

Tanketh 06-16-2013 08:36 AM

.......sorry dude.....
Crap my 1st post & I sound like a dick I so apologize, about to put my15 yr old dog down, I'm in love w/ hormonal impossible goddess that I have to let go, & my lil brother died this year....just tryin to help, my truck is my sanctuary & my sanity, I hav scoured it repeatedly yes tryin to make it the best I can but also to keep occupied wile I concentrate on every next point is think slow, logical, broadly & work yur way down the HUGE list of possibles...throwin parts & guesstimations & assumptions is like fishin in a dark unknown river w/ only a hook & a prayer...go back to (or learn) the basics then........

colvin224 06-16-2013 09:21 AM

first of all the jy fuel pump is all I could afford and so was the truck. also if you read my posts you would see that I already replaced the plugs, wires and cap. as far as the over heating I have replaced the bad water pump as well as the thermostat and flushed the system, didn't mention that because I didn't feel it was related to the problem at hand, my mother inlaw was driving the truck when it overheated. she was in her neighborhood almost home when it overheated and as soon as it did she pulled over and shut it off, walked home then went back later after it cooled and drove it the remaining half mile home. I doubt any major damage came from that incident. when I put the new to me pump in I dumped all of the junk in the tank and sprayed it out and let it dry for the rest of the day. also the truck has a returnless fuel system, its also a plastic tank so not sure where the rusty tank is that your talking about or all of these cracked hoses coming from the tank, the only thing from the tank going anywhere is the metal fuel line which I have inspected several times. I appreciate your help but i don't talk to anyone on here like they are an idiot so please don't do it to me. im sorry for the events that are going on in your life, we have all had hard times but its not my fault or anyone on this forums fault so please don't take it out on me. thanks

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