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P7MAN 06-16-2013 06:15 PM

Need some Troubleshootin Know How
Hello everyone! I HAVE MULTIPLE ISSUES--NO NOT MENTAL STOP IT!! LOL Well maybe a little but wrong forum! I am relatively new owner of my first truck - my dodged ram 1500 5.2l 2wd, so far over the last 18 months, I ve been slowly building up her mechanical reliability if you will.. first was the tranny, which has been working great till I got a leak about a month ago, Finally found it and I think I fixed that but, as of about two weeks ago, my radiator started leaking fluid and she" hi whines" in neutral and park. Occasionally I can romp on the gas while in gear, force her through the changes and when I come to a stop she'll finally "kick down" to the it normally sounds at idle. I cant figure out why it s doing that, nor why she leaks radiator fluid intermittently, (no damage visible) once the temp hits normal, that's when you can see it leaking. Not a whole lot, but enough.
Also, I would like to drain and flush out and refill the tranny the radiator and the oil. Does anyone know a good how to guide on draining the tranny changing the filter and refilling it? Same with the Radiator?:wow:

:4-dontknow:I know simple for probably most of you but I build computers and networks from ground up, not cars. But I don't know any mechanics to work on her and quite frankly don't trust anyone else. So, here I go learning how tear apart and build my truck, cuz shes cool and I always wanted to. If anyone can help with these things I could sure use the good advice before I do it. Thank you in advance!

Warlock III 06-16-2013 06:26 PM

Okay nerd boy, I'm guessing that you can make out the squiggly lines on a piece of paper.

Oh wait let me start over. If you're not familiar with the vehicle and you plan on starting/doing your own maintenance, I'd suggest picking up a Chilton's or Haynes motor manual. Just so you have some reference at your fingertips. Not to mention it'll help keep your dirty hands off the keyboard and you can take it into the bathroom.

They're both relatively easy and covered in either manual.

Transmission, drop the pan and drain it. I don't know the history of your truck or the transmission but depending on the mileage. It might not be such a good idea to flush it.

Cooling system, open the petcock on the radiator and drain it.

nepats1992 07-24-2013 08:03 PM

Assuming by refilling the oil, you mean that you wish to perform an oil change. In that case all you need to do is follow these instructions

1. Unbolt drain plug and let the oil flow out until it stops.
2. Re-install the plug. (make it snug, not too tight)
3. Locate and unscrew the oil filter
4. Check the filter gasket to make sure it isn't stuck to the engine, if it is remove it as this will cause the filter to leak
5. Lube the new filters gasket with CLEAN engine oil and install. (again, snug it)
6. Fill the engine with oil up to the max line on the dipstick, and run it for about one minute. (this allows the oil filter to be filled.) Make sure it isn't leaking oil.
7. Check the dipstick again and add more oil accordingly.

The 318ci (5.2) requires 5 quarts of 10w30 oil and a Fram PH16 or similar oil filter

Good Luck with your Ram! :smileup:

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