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Kartart 06-18-2013 01:44 AM

HELP 5.9 with no injector pulse
WOW , where to start . I own a 5.9 Magnum , vortec super charger etc
I bought it as a running wreck. All panel repairs now done and looking AWESOME . Was running good when purchased , but developed a massive backfire soon after . :smiledown: Now it cranks over fine but will not run . Our local mechanic is baffled by the Dodge {cause it is super rare in OZ]
It has no injector pulse , but does have spark , although I guess it may be firing at the wrong time , coz the introduction of aerostart {ether} does nothing . Fuel pressure normal. Good compression , done 90,000 Miles .
I replaced the crank sensor {yucky job} but no difference. Spark-no pulse . I need to import ALL PARTS for this truck and doing it one at a time is a slow process . Not throwing any codes at all .
HELP , man I've owned this truck over 6 months , and lovingly fixed all the damage , so now its ready to go ...... but it wont:doh:
I have never even driven it any further than in and out of my shed :i_rolleyes:

Any ideas ???????

Screamintrashcan 06-19-2013 12:33 AM

My limited experience sez to verify 40 PSI fuel pressure, the ECU is very sensitive to this, leave that gauge on to verify the pressure has NO fluctuation. The other thing I have experienced is I had an ignition coil fail, and it gave me some backfiring before it quit, ( about 10 seconds worth) . Elsewise, I would look at the ignition timing, with a timing light, verify you can see that it is reasonably correct, and not jumping around on the damper pulley too much, it may have jumped a tooth or two. If you guys down there have alcohol in your motorfuel, I'd guess the fuel pump is intermittent, easily verified, or the coil is being a bad actor, cheap enough on ebay. One other thing to check is whether or not the engine oil dipstick will burn readily, if it does, the engine is simply flooded. hold the accelerator to the rugs and crank til it fires, Note, verify that you are getting full travel from the pedal, by having someone check it from under the hood while you are holding it down. You may need to put the ziptie on the end of the cable trick at the gas pedal. The reason I say this, is that full throttle in start mode is known as clear engine mode, fuel is shut off to the injectors. If you aren't getting full throttle at the pedal, you are simply really throwing fuel at the engine, if you are giving it 3/4 throttle, whatever, while starting! My 2 cents worth, good luck!

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