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bryan8252 07-13-2013 03:30 PM

My truck configuration... Never built?
So I finally decided on what I am looking for in a Ram and I sent several dealers the following email:

"These are MUST HAVES:

RAM 1500 Crew Cab with 6'4" box.
8 speed V8 Hemi
40/20/40 front bench seats
32 gallon fuel tank
RAM Box storage
Spray in bedliner
3.92 gears
White or Gray color.

After reviewing the RAM site, I can only get that configuration in a Big Horn or an Outdoorsman."

One response really got my attention:

I did a quick search at 2000 miles and as I suspected, that 2013 Ram 1500 configuration does NOT exist ANYWHERE. The 6' 4" box on the Crew was a late availability configuration with the 8 speed transmission. Both the Ram 1500s that we received with the Big Horn Crew and the 6'4" box were snapped up quickly. When you add in the other MUST HAVES you listed, I doubt that truck was ever built in the 2013s.

I can order that configuration for you in a 2014 Ram 1500 Crew Big Horn. That basic configuration with the 6'4" box, spray in liner, 3.92, bench seats, 32 gallon tank and the Ram Box storage would have an MSRP $43,735. I have attached a "build sheet" for that configuration. I order that truck for you at $500 back of my invoice cost of $40,303 = $39,803.

I'm a bit surprised that those options don't exist on an existing vehicle (according to one dealer). And what about the price? I have seen dealers with up to $10,000 off sticker listed on their websites. So because I want something specific I am not going to get as good of a deal?

BTW, I test drove a 1500 Sport today with the 8 speed. New cars usually ride nice but wow, loved how the Ram rode. 8 speed felt a bit strange, but I am just chalking that up to being used to a 6 speed. Anyway, I really want one now. Also loved the media touch screen and the dash cluster. Kids loved all the plugs for their electronics too. :smileup:Just a matter of playing the game to get the best price.

Ramzaq 07-14-2013 12:38 AM

Dealers can't keep 8 speeds in stock, they are flying out the door almost as soon as they get them. When I finally went to test drive one, two dealers each only had one in stock. I will say they had many 6 speeds available though.

I think what sales man was saying is that what you are looking for is not available for sale because people have already purchased them, not that they didn't build them.

I have noticed on several forums of individuals having very similar trucks to your request.

Ram can't build them fast enough. That is why they started another shift for the work schedule. If I read correctly they are set to produce close to 400,000 Ram trucks this year

tev9999 07-14-2013 09:11 AM

You will have a hard time finding that configuration - with the bench seat probably being the rare thing along with the rambox. The Big Horn and Outdoorsman are just variants of a SLT - the early window sticker called them SLTs at the top and had the package name in the option callouts. That changed somewhere along the line and my truck built in June was called an Outdoorsman with no reference to SLT.

I looked at 100s of truck stickers online while searching. Bucket seats with the console were added to just about every Big Horn I looked at while searching. That is standard on the outdoorsman, but can be deleted - saw one of those. If they added the expensive rambox option, I'm guessing they added in the bucket seats too. The 32 gallon tank is also standard on the OD, a $75 option on the BH.

Pricing is a function of supply and demand like everything else. If supply is constrained and demand is high (like with Rams now) the price goes up. By wanting very specific options, you have reduced the acceptable supply to close to zero. Dealers know that if you REALLY REALLY want something that is rare, they can demand a higher price.

Thunderhorse 07-14-2013 10:15 AM

Both the 8 speeds and the CC 6.4' bed models fly off lots as soon as the dealers are getting them, I'd order if I were you.

Powerwagon 46 07-14-2013 04:13 PM


Originally Posted by Thunderhorse (Post 1149795)
Both the 8 speeds and the CC 6.4' bed models fly off lots as soon as the dealers are getting them, I'd order if I were you.

I spent many many hours searching dealers websites for an 8 sp with the other options I wanted. And I wasn't looking for 6.4 bed, which as was stated is a late option. I finally ordered what I wanted and might suggest that you might be happier with such a decision if you are not willing to compromise on your must have list!

bryan8252 07-14-2013 04:20 PM

Thanks for the replies. I'm hard pressed to order and gamble that when the truck comes in there will be rebates/dealer incentives. I will wait and see if I can find one online. I can order later.

RJWNY 07-14-2013 11:15 PM

Here is what I wanted, and one dealer told me it wasn't available in '13 AT ALL...LOL....The CC, 6'4" bed, and air suspension is really hard to find...

Sport , CC, 6'4" bed, air suspension, no ram box, 3.92 gears.

Another local dealer said 3 Sport CCs with air suspension are available in the US right now, all 3 on the east coast, but all have the short bed....

So, even if it was out there, I'd rather build my own '14 and get every single option I that's what I did, and the wait is killing me.

Bhbdvm 07-14-2013 11:33 PM

Many dealers advertise their prices including REBATES. Make certain you read the fine print on the advertised price or give them a call.

tev9999 07-15-2013 08:53 AM

Advertised pricing is useless. Usually it includes the employee price with every conceivable discount, so unless you are a Chrysler employee in the military that recently graduated from collage and is a USAA member who is trading a competitive vehicle - it won't apply.

Manufacturer incentives depend on what is in effect when you take delivery of the vehicle, and last I looked there was nothing announced for 2014s yet. I would not expect much of a rebate early in the model year - especially the way they are selling now. I was checking out Silverados as the 2014s were just hitting the lots. The 2013s had around $5000 in rebates at least - 2014s = $0.

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