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starquestbd22 07-19-2013 09:22 AM

Anyone do a Tough Mudder or similar endurance/obstacle type event?
Just curious. My wife and I are doing our first Tough Mudder event in Charlotte in November. It's basically a mud run that encompasses 10-12 miles with 20-25 various obstacles along the way. Some of the obstacles aren't really difficult, just unpleasant. The first obstacle is jumping into a commercial length dumpster full of ice water, submerging under a wall in the middle, and crawling back out the other side. The very last obstacle is running through a field of electrified wires that hang down, some of them having as much as 10,000 volts on them. Then there are the obstacles that are difficult such as the 12' walls, rings over a mud pit, increasing and decreasing slope monkey bars over a mud pit, etc. Here's the site if anyone wants to check it out. There are also a lot of vids on Youtube.

There are several similar events like Warrior Dash, Spartan Run, etc. I don't know much about them but from what I understand Tough Mudder is one of the toughest. Wish us luck!! I know it's a while off but I'll post some pics after for you guys to laugh at, lol.

Crobber 07-19-2013 09:54 AM

I have what do you want to know

starquestbd22 07-19-2013 10:04 AM

Well, I was mainly just wondering if anyone else had done anything like this. Just looking to get a conversation started.

But since you you have any recommendations or lessons learned as far as to do or not to do? We are starting with the first group at 8:00 a.m. Our whole team is going to be wearing Under Armour quick dry type materials. Not too much worried about being wet but the cold is going to be an issue on a November morning. I don't see much you can do about that and still dress lightly and athletically. Thanks!

Crobber 07-19-2013 10:16 AM

I did this event solo starting off. First time and I was clueless. The cold pit will take the life from you. No way around it. Dont go all out. Pick a jogging pace snd then go slightly faster. I went hard the first couple miles and it really took its tole on mile four. You will find all the obstacles are actually a point of relief.
When you get to the swimming obstacles dont hang on to the rope.. You will drown.
Also go buy some gel packs (energy packs) I didn't and i was getting whipped. Another tough mudder tossed me one and it gave me a second wind.
Dont ever step some where you can't see.... You will fall six feet.
The electrical hazard is alot of fun to watch but will drive you crazy when you run through cause you know anyone of thosr bastards are about to light you up. Over and over. Just run hard and stay with a good footing. Also keep moving. Dont crawl.

I will type my full experience when I finish up with this pt.

starquestbd22 07-19-2013 10:30 AM

Great info! Yeah, we aren't going to be in any kind of hurry. Tough Mudder says the goal isn't to be the fastest, it's to finish and we are on board with that, lol. We actually have an 11 person team!

By gel packs, are you referring to the energy gummy/chew things? I assume there are different ones but I know Gatorade makes them. So they really work?? I'll definitely snag some of those.

I'm not too worried about Electroshock Therapy. I've been Tased. It can't be as bad as that, lol.

Yes, please share anything else you would like. I'm all ears...or eyes I guess here on the forumz.

Crobber 07-19-2013 12:30 PM

I did my event solo to start off. And they dug a huge hole and dumped it full of ice. It literally to the breath out of me. It was nothing like jumping in a pool during the winter. The best I could do was just leap far and keep my head dry.
I ran in with the head of the group for about the first two miles and started to drift back. Which is where I picked up my first partner it my soon to be group. He was a triathlon running from belgium and has done these all over the world according to him. We kept a good pace slowing down as time went. We faced the great hill of relentless waterfall early on making it clear why this was no task to take on solo. You could make it up most of the way, but there were points were you could not take a step without slipping back down. It took your partner to provide a stable step and you to turn around and and pull him up.
We made it to mile four were I could no longer keep the aggressive pace going and belgium had no objection to slowing down a bit. At this point we picked up our next member a guy on the side puking. He was a intelligence specialist from the air force. He had gotten this far on his own. Belgium offered him a hand and a cup of water and said if he cant keep up he will inform that a 40 year foreigner kicked his ass.
We faced our next obstacle shortly after called the Texas Smoke House. There is no visibility stepping in through the window. As you swing your second foot around and step back. You quickly realize that you're about to be in pain. There was about a 8 foot drop through a sloshy mud pit filled with panicing individuals who are trying to get out of the way from more unexpecting mudders. And ill tell you I never moved so quick and got no where. The mud was so slick and it took to individuals to get one person out.
We survived the grave yard without any major injuries and was up against the giant diving plank. You are about beat at this point. I have been pushed well beyond my limit due to belgium consistant motivation. We pull ourselves up the wall and hope to god we have tye energy to swim back up for the surface once we make the jump. Belgium went first then me then the air force. All I can remember is swimming then being told to use the rope to pull myself if I was tired. All I have to say to that is DONT! All that did was pull me under far under just swim in a rolling motion. It requires the least effort.
For the most part the rest of the event was just climbing and crawling. We pickedd up another person who has fallen far behind in the group that started before us. It came in handy we climbing the walls using a 3 man system 2 on top of the wall pulling one up and then over.
I was given a gel pack at this time. And it was refreshing. It tasted pretty good. Very grainy and required you to drink water with it. Which I had none.
Also the electro shock therapy. Is just... very exciting. You know you will be shocked. You dont know where,when or how many times. It can be across the jaw. Around the thigh or rap around your arm. As you run through you can here the static amd here other wires charge. Amd you know its going to get you next. And if by some small chance you get through unscaved the crowd boos and chants for you to go through again.

I finished the event in 2hrs 3 minutes. Would of been a bit faster if it wasnt for the fourth guy but who cares. This was def. Something unlike any other. I have done other events and nothing compares in the slightest

hydrate well before invest in gel packs. Sorry I dont know which ones I had but I would look into what the bicyclist use on the journeys cause I remember that is where he got his pack from. Dont worry to much about having water bottles I saw those all over the place. A fanny pack is great. Bring a crap pair of shoes. You will ruin them
Every body is very sociable. Atleast in the Texas event.

Crobber 07-19-2013 01:05 PM

Once again excuse some of the grammer. Typed all this on my phone and it's difficult to go back in edit without jacking everything up

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