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dacv01 07-21-2013 01:55 PM

coolant problem
my 1998 dodge 1500, (which i bought cheap beacuse of a few problems) seems to be having a coolant problem. When i first bought it the reservoir bottle was almost empty, but the truck was running fine in the 98 degree heat. i filled the bottle, and noticed a few days later it was down about an inch. I just filled it to the brim today, and checked it later and its down about 3 inches from the top. I smell coolant around the motor but not inside the car. Doesnt appear to be any oil in coolant or vice versa.

Warlock III 07-21-2013 02:12 PM

There is a coolant fill level on the bottle.

As the vehicle warms up the coolant expands and it's forcing it out of the system. It should be a few inches from the top. Check the bottle (expansion tank) for a line that says full (hot) and keep it at that level.

Overfilling it will do exactly what you describe.

The two bumps that are visible in the photo show the high and low levels. It IS actually called an expansion tank but due to the massacre of the English language and slang it has fallen by the wayside except to a very select few.

Screamintrashcan 07-25-2013 08:15 PM

If your coolant loss is accompanied by occasional white smoke out of your tailpipes, you may well be burning coolant, which could be (Ecch) headgasket issues, intake manifold gasket issues, head issues, (big Ecch) OR, you may simply have a rotten hose feeding your coolant tank, being a relative simpleton, I would, (ecch, that hose tastes BADD) [and the contents thereof are known to be toxic, so do not swallow anything that comes out!!] pull the hose off that feeds the tank, seal one end of it, with a finger, and blow on the other end, or suck on it, to see if it is in need of replacement, which, being a 98, may be rotten. if you think it leaks at a neck, they make zipties for that... OR... as is in my case, I had to JB weld my overflow tank, due to something or other { can't remember what } chafing a pinhole thru it. One other thing I've had which was a most insidious leak, was the upper radiator hose on my 03 explorer clamp had snapped where it was not visible, and I was losing antifreeze via the clamp which looked good, but wasn't. hands on inspection with a little wiggle - jiggle action goes a long way, in my case, I had already bought a new radiator, cuz I figured it simply had to be the rad neck cracked, and with 206 k miles that HAD to be the prob, well, you know what they say about assumptions... Good Luck!

jabba974 07-25-2013 09:46 PM

If your overflow tank isn't emptying out, I wouldn't worry about it...the level will change its running it will empty out, and after you shut the engine off, or pressure in the system increases, the level will rise naturally....

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