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sullivan 07-23-2013 04:29 PM

High Beams not working anymore, inspection time
Due for inspection and for some reason the high beams are not working off the relay. Trouble shooted it all day long, for some reason I get no voltage from the plugs that go into the high beams. If I plug the head light directly into the canbus plug the high beams will turn on. not sure why I can't get the connection to pass into my harness and into the head lights.

any ideas would be helpful. I would just keep the harness on there now for the lows, and make a new harness for the highs, but I am not sure if I can just splice into the wires for the high for the relay?

my harness gets power from the battery, its grounded, and then splits off to either hid ballast for the lows, and then has these two little plugs off either hid ballast that plug into the highs. they used to turn on the highs but they aren't any more.

my plan now is to go get two new relays, and run the lows on one and the highs on the other, and get rid of this cheap Chinese relay that isn't turning on my highs.

sullivan 07-24-2013 12:06 PM

does the rams normal cut the low beam out when the highs come on?

i have the lows on their own relay, and the highs on their own relay. and when you turned the highs on it cut the low beam off. so I had to do a little trip to radio shack for a diode, wired it between the signal wires and now the high beam relay will turn on the low beam relay when the high beams are on.

moparornocar72 07-31-2013 01:19 PM

Happened to me with my low beams and there was a short that caused the tipm to malfunction and kill power to the relay etc. If you have someone that has access to a scanner. See if they will go into the tipm and read the codes. that should help.

sullivan 07-31-2013 01:43 PM

I fixed it myself by ripping out the crappy ebay hid harness and building my own relay using 5 pin relays. I put the lows on their own relay and the highs on its own relay. They worked fine except for one issue at this point. When you turned the highs on the lowes would cut out. Not sure why the system (TIPM) doesn't trigger both to be on at the same time. So I had to take a trip to Radioshack for a diode, soldered the diode between the high trigger wire and the low trigger white at the relay side. This made it so when you turn on the low beams the highs don't turn on, but when you turn the highs on the low beams turn on. It was a fun project, learned how to use relays more, and this was the first time learning about using a diode. Just bought a bunch more relays, about to go have some fun with them later.

Asur 07-31-2013 02:52 PM

Nice job, cool, reps for sharing

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