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G8tkeeper 08-01-2013 10:32 PM

Thoughts on Spray on bed liner
I have a drop in bed liner that came with my truck I'm thinking of ditching that for a spay on.

What does everyone think of spay on and should I go color or black

hemidon 08-01-2013 11:01 PM

Drop in style still let's water leak under your liner, which can get trapped and cause it to rust. Spray in is definitely the way to go. As for color, I would recommend sticking with black, especially if your not going to install a tonneau cover. The suns UV rays will eventually cause other colors to fade over time. The manufacturers have been coming out with new products that are supposed to resist fading much better, but you can't go wrong with black. I got the Reflex spray in liner within the first week of getting my truck, and I love it. Plus the spray in liners typically have better traction which prevents the stuff in your bed from sliding all over the place when you hit the gas/brake.

Mike226 08-02-2013 12:07 PM

I have the line-x and love it. Plus lifetime warranty on it is kinda nice incase it bubbles or chips.

snrusnak 08-02-2013 12:35 PM

Spray on is great. There are other good brands but I would go with linex. I have linex and all my family/friends do and they are nearly indestructible, and life time warranty. Only thing to watch out for is tears(sliding a pallet with nails, etc). They don't cover tears. Sell the plastic liner for $50 too.

brandonjansen 08-02-2013 01:03 PM

Yup, as the other members have said spray on is the only way to go. My Dodge is the first truck I've had one in and I'll never go back to any other kind of liner. Anyone I know who has a plastic liner and see's my spray in wants to get it immediately.

MrPiper 08-02-2013 01:10 PM

This thread can end here. Every post above is correct.


will36 08-02-2013 01:35 PM

Just have them spray to the side of the bedsides.

I have seen them spray the bedcaps and the inside edge of the bed where the outer skin is welded on. This is a bad idea . If you ever wreck it or jack knife a trailer into the side and need a bedside skin. It is hard to deal.

DuPont now makes a tintable bed coating . You just add basecoat. Looks sweet. I can get you a part # if you would like.

GTyankee 08-02-2013 04:07 PM

I have the Line-X & had it in my last truck too

if i didn't carry 2 very large toolboxes, that are bolted to the bed
i would have looked hard at the BEDRUG, as a alternative

MangoTangoMofo 08-02-2013 05:26 PM

I also vote for the spray in, I’ve had the plastic liners and I’ll never go back.

I have used both the line-X and the Armor Thane and I actually prefer the Armor Thane (which is what’s currently on my ram.) I found the Line-x hardened after a couple of years and is very abrasive, it’s why they claim its non slip… but if your stuff slides in the bed it gets scratched up. The Armor Thane is more rubbery and can be sprayed on thicker than line-x and almost feels like a textured rubber mat. I have inch thick on the bed and 1/8th on the sides. Plus it looks shiny when its clean while the Line-X goes Flat black pretty quick.

It’s entirely up to you, but I highly recommend calling around town and looking at both products before making the investment… After all it’s a permanent mod.

Here are the links to both brands:

fudrock 08-03-2013 03:24 PM

My truck came from the factory with a spray in liner and I'm pretty on the fence about it. I can see why some guys love it. It's definitely superior to a drop in. I sometimes have to haul heavy ass shit and sliding them across the textured surface is a big no no. As soon as I can stomach dropping more money on my truck, I'm gonna give the Bedrug a go.

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