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Parkersdad 08-04-2013 09:40 AM

Quick Help Please
I have a 2011 Hemi SLT with a 3.92 rear end and a 5 speed. I can get a good deal on a 2013 2500 with a 3.73 rear end and a 6 speed transmission. Wouldn't I be taking a step back as far as towing with a lighter gear and a heavier truck? Someone please help as I am test driving today.

Asur 08-04-2013 10:59 AM

IMO Nope, go 2500

Parkersdad 08-04-2013 11:36 AM

Thank you for your reply. So you don't think I will lose any pulling power with a heavier truck and a lesser gear?

Asur 08-04-2013 11:54 AM

The 2500 comes with the 6 speed transmission " 66RFE" This transmission out performs the 5 speed as they are not the same technology, the diff gearing is not that much different and will be compensated by the 6 speed that comes with the 2500.

The 66RFE is a different beast of a tranny when compared to the 545rfe. It actually operates as a 6-speed all the time. It is basically the gear train from the 68RFE (heavy-duty diesel) transmission, crammed inside of a gas engine transmission case. Its ratios match the 68RFE:

1st gear = 3.231 ratio
2nd gear = 1.837 ratio
3rd gear = 1.410 ratio
4th gear = 1.000 ratio
5th gear = 0.816 ratio
6th gear = 0.625 ratio
Reverse = -4.444 ratio

1 3.00 3.23
2 1.67 1.84
1.50 1.41
4 1.00 1.00
5 .075 0.816
6 0.67 0.625

Again this is just my opinion but the actual truck 2500 outways the 1500 when it comes to load and towing capability's, Again JMO Hopefully others will chime in to better help you decide.

You will also get better city millage with the 3.73 and be the same for highway mileage as the 3.92

Scjon03 08-04-2013 12:06 PM

Wait how are you getting 3.73? The 2013 2500 is only comes in 3.42. Other than the power wagon has 4.56.

Asur 08-04-2013 12:12 PM


Originally Posted by Scjon03 (Post 1167297)
Wait how are you getting 3.73? The 2013 2500 is only comes in 3.42. Other than the power wagon has 4.56.

2500 with hemi 5.7 comes with 3.73

Parkersdad 08-04-2013 01:46 PM

Thanks. I am now considering diesel as well

Trail Whale 08-13-2013 12:40 AM

Honestly ( I know I am going to have a Cummins lynch mob after me for saying this!), unless you have a really heavy load you need to tow, I would go with a Hemi over a Cummins in a 2012. It pains me to say it (I SO love diesels! The sound, the smell, diesel trucks rock!!!) but, the newer (post early 2007, anything with a 6.7) are so boogered up with emissions systems that unless you want to do a whole bunch of (technically illegal for a street driven truck) deletes on them, they really aren't any much better than a Hemi for a person that doesn't truly need the grunt of a diesel. The maintenance and longevity is going to be about the same anymore (unless deletes are done) so, unless you need the grunt that only a diesel can provide, go gas!

Having said that, in the debate between a 1500 Hemi and a 2500 Hemi for towing, go 2500 hands down!!! Yeah, it might not be as fast (heavier truck with mostly the same engine (there's usually a couple tweaks in a HD version of an engine)) BUT, you get bigger brakes, bigger axles, bigger trans cooler, etc- basically you are gaining a LOT of things designed to make the towing of a trailer easier and safer when you step up from a 1500 to a 2500.

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