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rammin318 08-04-2013 04:21 PM

318 build?
Hey guys, im thinking about grabbing an extra engine for my truck and building it as a spare. Any one have recomendations for parts and boring/ stroking to get a nice solid horsepower number? It would be going in a 94 ram 1500 4x4 rcsb. Thanks guys.

hydrex 08-04-2013 06:07 PM

I was talking to the owner of a beautiful black Dodge Dart pro stocker today, he runs 6.0 sec eighth mile, figured it was a bigblock or hemi car. Owner said he started with a 318 and built it into a 408 stroker. There are a lot of Big Block Chevy guys that get there azzes whooped by the former old 318.

Gen1dak 08-05-2013 12:58 AM

That math doesn't add up. The de facto 4 inch crank would require a .090" overbore on a 318 to get up to 402 (Hensley Performance does this on early blocks after sonic testing). A 406 is typically what one gets with a stock bore 360, and 408 is a 360 with .030" overbore. Don't guess he spilled the beans on his dimensions?
An easy build would be 318 with .040" over and a 4" crank. That'd make a 392.

HemiLonestar 08-05-2013 07:45 PM

408 stroker is 360 based. Were I you I would grab a 360 to start with. Just with stock displacement with bigger bore AND stroke you're ahead of the game (I have always thought the short stroke 318 was a horrible truck/heavy car engine) from the get-go. Then anything you do on top of stock with a 360 is gravy.

rammin318 08-08-2013 12:59 AM

what would i need to do for a 360 swap?

HemiLonestar 08-08-2013 01:32 PM

The engine and a PCM (don't think you can program that early a PCM witha tuner). Same trans, externally same engine dimensions.

anothernewb 08-08-2013 01:51 PM

you can bring the good ol 308 to a 383 (and up to 390) I believe with ease, and durability. I've never done that one, but the old 383 demon was a hell of a car/engine combo. add a set of milled down 360 heads and it should be rock solid, and still get some reasonable mileage

I did, however do a stroker kit to my old 'niner. That was lots of fun. It would out climb and out pass just about anything - except for a gas station.

HemiLonestar 08-08-2013 06:30 PM

Better off starting with bigger bores. 318 stock bore is 3.91" (not even 4") with a short 3.31" stroke. In a heavy vehicle, as the old saying goes, there is no replacement for displacement. Besides which, the 360 was purposely designed for this from the get go: you can't share internal parts with a 318 because the main bore sizes are different (bigger to better handle the loads). You could use your 318 easily, but stock or modified you would be ahead of the game with a 360.

Battering Ram 10-25-2013 12:00 AM

390 stroker, 1.6:1 rockers, .550 lift cam and up, ARP hardware, forged pistons 8.5-9.5:1, turbo. More than enough power.

Gen1dak 10-26-2013 03:43 AM

Don't forget the externally weighted torque converter for the 360 Magnum. You can use the 1993-95 360 Magnum torque converter with your 318 Magnum flexplate, or use the 1996-up 360 Magnum torque converter WITH the matching 1996-up flexplate (weight is on the flexplate and bolt patter is different than early Magnum). Or, get your 318 Magnum torque converter weighted to 360 Magnum specs.

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