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2011 ASSAULT 800 08-07-2013 08:48 PM

Checking in
It has been quite sometime since I have been on here and posted , going on 6 months I think, life has been pretty busy and kind of heck tick this year, started a new job back in my field working on heavy equipment (surface drilling rigs) :smileup: had a falling out with my father and moved out of the house I rented from my parents. Will be moving into a new place with my girlfriend Oct. 1!!! and have been working a fair bit lately. I have also been looking (alot) at 2013 sports. I still have my 04 and it has been a wondeful truck (168000 kms now) but it is time for something new. What I am looking at are 2013 sport Quad cab 4x4 hemi's with 3.92s and well dressed inside, need the quad cab with the longer box because my sled is 10 1/2' long so the 5'7" box wont cut it as well. Not sure whether I would get the 8 speed or the 6, I would have to pick off the lot at this point so I will get what I feel fits my budget based on whats on the lot. Probably take what they will give me (with in reason) for a trade on my truck. right now Dodge has the 9250 off the msrp plus an extra 1500 off if you already own a truck. I will keep my fuel wheels and put them on the new truck.

I have been to the closest dealer (theres 3 in town here) multiple times in the last week (after hours) and browsed what they have. Now I need to work up the courage to go and talk to a sales person. Also not sure if it is better to wait until after I move or just get it over with now.

Only colours I am interested in are Black, White, Flame red and copper, May steer away from black as I am tired of seeing every little spec of dust in the summer, and having a grey truck in the winter within 20 seconds of washing it. Not sure how the copper would look with my black rims. Love the Red and white.

Warlock III 08-07-2013 08:55 PM

^^ Born again newbie ^^


How about a black or white truck with speckles painted on?

I know a guy that had rust airbrushed on his '76 corvette.

Bruce E 08-08-2013 09:28 AM

Welcome back Assault. Best of luck on your new truck search, I got rid of my 2010 TRX two weeks ago have to say it's great being in a new vehicle.

2011 ASSAULT 800 08-08-2013 09:17 PM

Thanks Bruce, hard too pass up on the incentives being offered right now, but being as it would be my first major purchase with no co signer it is nerve racking, I know I can easily do it as I havew no debt but I keep second guessing myself, maybe saturday I will go to the dealer and sit down and talk price ( tire kick) and see how that makes me feel. We have a few drills in Elliot Lake somewhere, not sure exactly where though, I think there are 2 or 3, ugly green colour/ blue colour lol

ShawnC13 08-09-2013 06:52 PM

DAN!!!! Great to see you around. You have been around long enough to know that :worthless: so after you "tire Kick" and buy because we all know you can't walk away from a new RAM we want PICTURES

This is why I don't go to dealwerships my wife would kill me and I would not be able to enjoy a new truck when I am dead :LOL:

Stump3r 08-09-2013 06:57 PM

He surfaced!!!! He surfaced!!!!! I just figured you were hiding underground again :D
Oh don't hesitate on the 13 Sport! I seriously couldn't be happier with mine! Finally go to do some serious towing with her and she put the old 11 to shame. I didn't think I could love a truck anymore than I did my 11 until I got this 13. Hands down best damn truck I've ever owned!

2011 ASSAULT 800 08-10-2013 06:30 PM

Went to one of the local dealers friday night after work with my girlfriend, talked to a very friendly non pushy salesman about a 2013 sport quad cab, Black, fully loaded, only options it didnt have were air suspension, back up camera and ram boxes, I dont want or need any of these anyways, but other than that it is friggin loaded, it was beautiful, we talked price and found a price I could live with, I am going back monday after work to test drive it and quite likely buy it. I called about insurance today with a different company than i ma with for my 04, they are 40 bucks a month cheaper than I pay for my 04 (the 04 was 70 a month cheaper than I currently pay) so that is good news, so everything is set up there incase I do buy it. right now on the 13's Ram is offering $9250 off
+ $1500 off if you own a truck or are a trades person
the dealer is waving the freight ($1695)
and giving 500 dollars towards a new tonneau cover (I dont think the tonneau on my 04 will fit the new one.

So in total is it 12445 off plus the tonneau cover. I am very excited at this point, I cant believe the technology compared to my 04 and even compared to my parents loaded 2008 Laramie

This 2013 is a 6 speed, this dealer has no 8 speeds sports on the lot currently, they have all sold as the dealer is trying to mocve 13's to get ready for 14's. Would have been nice to have an 8 speed but they are hard to come by at this point without driving to Toronto. Thanks for the welcome back, IF I end up getting this thing I will forsure post pics. They only want to give me 6400 on trade for my 04 and I figure I should easily get 9 for it so I will just hold onto it and hopefully it sells quick.

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