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madhatr02 08-13-2013 03:00 AM

AMP Research Bed Xtender HD Instal
As I have mentioned before, I really love my Dodge errrr Ram and unlike other trucks I am not going overboard with a bunch of mods I don't need. Having said that I have 2 really big hunting trips this year and as we all know the 5'7" bed isn't the biggest on the market, but I didn't want the 6'4" bed just a personal preference. I will be taking several large ice chests as well as a decent amount of gear. I looked at the Dodge Bed extender but only saw it on trucks with the Rambox and I imagine it kind of pricey. I know the guys at 4wheelparts here locally and decided after some review to go get the AMP research Xtender HD.


I can tell you this was the one of the easiest installs I have ever done. I watched a few videos (which were not current) but I did have the T-20 torq bit, 9/64 drill bit and phillips head screwdriver ready to go. The hardest part about an install, especially one this easy is remembering to take pictures.

I guess AMP copied Ram's configuration on the bed extender because the package comes with a template to drill 3 holes in each side of the bed to hold the mounting bracket for the extender. So I cut out the template and wouldn't you know it there were 3 indentions from the factory exactly where the holes needed to be drilled. So I drilled the 3 holes and screwed the brackets on.



Here is where the process being so simple gets in the way of picture taking. The extender itself comes in basically 3 pieces. The 2 sides and then 3 bars in the middle that connect them. You simply hook the 2 sides to the bed and then position the 3 crossbars on the back and use the supplied brackets to cover where the bars meet each other.

There are also tether straps that with the tailgate down clip into the tailgate where they would secure with the tailgate up.





Fit & Finish - Spot on everything went together EXACTLY as it supposed too with zero issues.

Quality - Powerdercoat looked good, no issues, directions and templates were perfect.

Other - I like how it can be used to seperate items in the bed even when the tailgate is up which will come in handy.

Price - About $200

Glad I did this it will work great on my trips and when the wife decides we need to go to the store (the woman can shop)

shears 08-13-2013 08:04 AM

Nice. I really like the look of that extender. I haven't seen many bed extender write ups so it's good you posted this.

87 GN 08-19-2013 11:33 PM

I have been looking into the wider version of the the same extender but was not sure how it would work with my cover (bak flip roll x), I think the one you picked may work just fine for my needs and it should work fine with the cover. I like that the bolt locations are same as factory

Outdoorsman2012 10-02-2013 08:24 PM

Nice Job! Was thinking I could use one of these and the write up was great!

battlerattle 10-08-2013 04:19 PM

Great write up!!

And I am pretty sure Amp didnt copy Ram, I believe it is the other way around. A budy of mine has one of the very first bed extenders from Ram (circa Late '10) and it is just a rebadged older design AMP.

Marine671 10-11-2013 08:10 PM

Thanks for the write up. Nice review... I got a short bed and kept debating on whether or not i made the right choice. I saw that same extender and figured I can live with the short bed if I can choose a good extender. made my life easy with your review

Thebestestdrummer 10-13-2013 10:08 PM

doest it just slip out easily too?

RogerRamJet 10-14-2013 12:55 AM

Nice write up and install. I only have one question... I didn't see a beer in the photo shoot. Where's the beer, Dood? This is Texas, we don't do anything, 'cept shoot guns, without a beer.

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