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Thebestestdrummer 08-18-2013 01:43 AM

PREVIOUS SETUP (evolution)(and possible future too)
This is what i had, well, still have, but not in my truck. its getting redone (you'll see why)
I'll take you on through the evolution.

This is what i started with. alpine stereo, Pioneer speakers, (I dont like alpine or pioneer but thats what i got.)

Then lucky me i came in contact with FREE SUBS (and amp).
2 Memphis Power reference 10'

I was being lazy and didn't want to build a box to fit my truck( a normal truck box wouldn't work because they're not even close to shallow mounts). Don't get me wrong, i could've added spacers and stuff, but like i said, i was lazy and wanted to get these in! I just took out the middle seat and stuck the box there..

That dang huge amp BARELY fit behind the seat

realistically, it was a pretty nice and clean install, except the fact i had a giant box in the middle seat.. buy hey, it made a god armrest.
The box sat nice and tight in between the seats, whoever made this box must have know it was going to be in a ram one day and made the dementions fit that middle seat perfectly..

well, needless to say, before i had these i had a dumb Audiobahn something that i was borrowing from a friend, we put it back in for kicks and giggles..
it actually added quite a bit, but i liked having space behind at least one seat, so it was removed a few weeks later.

finally that stupid Alpine stereo had to go, it did NOT have an aux input, like what? you call that an aftermarket stereo? no... so i bought a JVC on black Friday and put it in the next day

( i added a few stickers to the box to make it more homey and flipped the subs right side up, finally..)

all done!

then my friend got a killer deal on the same Memphis's that i have, BUT they were 15s (later found out that the 15s just suck compared to the 10's) but they wouldnt fit in his trunk so i got them while he was selling them. We put that amp behind the drivers seat and then wired it to the bed.

NOW everything is all ripped out again!
only thing left is the stereo and the 2 front 6x9's
all subs and the Rear speakers are sitting in my garage awaiting for my future plans.

RogerRamJet 08-18-2013 04:20 AM

You'll be able to party like it's 1999!

Thebestestdrummer 08-18-2013 03:55 PM

oh just wait until i finish this next project. its going to be killer, i plan on either a new system strictly for the bed, OR be able to transfer the 10s and 6x9s to the bed from the cab.

i then will hopefully be able to figure out how to make my tonneau cover go straight up, 90 degrees, and i will put something white on it, and then stick a projector to it. boom, giant TV for tailgating.

its still being worked out though haha.

Thebestestdrummer 08-19-2013 07:19 PM


Upgrade stereo speakers to some nice Rockford Fosgate, Rockford Fosgate amp.
build fitting box for Memphis subs behind seat
box will include amp rack for the 3 amps
Subs for the bed
Removable 6x9 boxes for the cab in order to be placed in the bed for usage
Make tonneau cover fold 90 degrees, straight up
put projector screen on flipped up tonneau cover
Boom, instant party.

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