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Mavericke 08-27-2013 10:43 PM

Need a new TURBO for my 1992 D250 5.9L Diesel... help!
So I noticed my turbo wasn't whistling very loud... then I realized it wasn't whistling at all! I had a buddy look at it and he could tell when I pulled up that my turbo just isn't working. He said it would make a HUGE difference in performance. My thoughts are "Does the extra 70-80hp the turbo gives it REALLY give it that much more power???"

Can you guys chime in here for me? Is there a definitive way to test my turbo? I pulled the breather off and you could still barely hear it whistle. The turbine seemed to spin inside but a friend of mine seems to thing that the fins on the backside are probably totally gone from all the heavy hauling done with the truck over the years. It's very clearly the original turbo still on the truck. Probably never been pulled off for anything and the PO hauled huge tractors on a 5th wheel setup with a trailer not much smaller than an actual semi-trailer.


I work at Autozone and even with my discount - a new one is going to cost me around $700. I've seen some on eBay for around $300 but seriously... can't there be a decently priced used (but GOOD) Turbo for sale somewhere???

And if/when I replace the Turbo and it doesn't really give me the "ballz" I expect... where do I go from there to "tune" it up? Injectors? tranny/rear end?

scrappy 08-28-2013 01:22 AM

if the turbo is spinning and the compressor is not rubbing the housing, the turbo is likely NOT bad! you have alot more troubleshooting to do before you can say that the turbo is bad. If you have a leak on the exhaust side you won't make boost, a leak on the intercooler side will vent the boost out of the engine also and finally there is a boost sensing line running from the turbo to the injection pump. The truck is also tuned to not fuel hard until it sees boost so if the injection pump never sees boost, then it won't fuel. i bet your boost sensing line is broken or you have a boost leak.

Rob M 12-10-2013 09:21 PM

If the terbo is not working then there will be lots of black smoke. If your truck is down on power check your fuel filter also the air filter too . Usually when a turbo goes bad its the bushings waring out and then the fins start hitting the case. You would certinlly hear that. Also a worn turbo shaft will allow oil to pass into the intake tube too......Shut the truck off, pull the intake boot off and grab the tuebo shaft by the nut on the end , spinn it and then try to rock it up and down to check for play. There should be none or very little. Check all this before getting all excited and going out and buying a new one if its not needed......

simplysmn 06-05-2015 02:21 AM

What ever you do there is 2 thing's to stay away from with a Diesel Motor .
first is Never Run a K&N Air Filter they are JUNK for a diesel they suck in way to much fine dirt and will take out your Motor .
the Second is a Fram Oil Filter they are also Junk and will suck the Material from the oil filter into the Oil hose for the Turbo and Plug it ,That in Turn takes out your Turbo.
As for your Problem you have to remember .Your truck comes from the Factory with 160 HP .It's not going to be a rocket ship . Google tuning the VE injection pump and turn it up a little you will Notice a Difference .

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