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sirtwisty 08-29-2013 02:30 PM

2007.5 6.7 mods question
Hi To All
A diesel newbie here, I just picked up a nice 2007.5 6.7 dually, 6 speed auto, complete with jake brake.
It's fun to drive but the sole purpose is to haul a 15,500 lb 5th wheel 30,000 km/ 20,000 miles per year.
All the performance mods I've been reading in the forum have been informative, but also incredibly confusing.
I'm looking to solely increase my mileage.
I'm not interested in hot rodding the beast, but if it means a tuner or whatever else then so be it.
I don't drive over 60-65 mph when towing and only do so on interstates in light traffic.
I don't want any issues with having to change things back to pass any future emissions tests.
So knowing this, and the wealth of experience on this site and board, what is the best way to proceed to get the end results I'm looking for.
Thanks for any and all feed back.

NWRQC 08-30-2013 05:54 PM

If you are not wanting to switch anything back for emission testing then your one option would be to unplug your EGR valve (1-2mpg gain).
You will have a CEL on, but you can buy a tuner thats capable of delting (Smarty, H&S mini maxx, XRT) that will disable the EGR and turn off the CEL.
Another option is to go with EFI-Live. You can unplug your EGR valve and get a custom mileage tune for your truck that should help increase your fuel economy.

Aside from that the only other thing that comes to mind would be going with free-spin hubs up front. People claim 1-2mpg increase, but it comes at a price. Those are things you can do that wont require tools or time to convert back in order to pass emissions.

The standard deletes will net you a little better fuel economy (EGR, EGR cooler, DPF, NOX, CAT) but those require swapping parts back and forth.

Oh another thing to look into is a TS MP-8. I am getting ready to sell mine here soon because I will probably need custom tuning before long.

Hope this helps and if you have more questions post them up.

sirtwisty 09-01-2013 02:16 PM

2007.5 diesel improved mileage question
Thanks for the response, it seems like a very solid and sensible way to proceed.
One question though, I keep hearing about how important it is to get a diesel breathing more air.
There are several larger intake pipes and filter set ups available with claims of improved performance and gains of 1-3 mpg.
Is this another add on, or to benefit would I have to open up the outtake/ exhaust as well???

NWRQC 09-02-2013 02:37 PM

I have yet to see any aftermarket intakes that out perform the factory set-up on stock/mildly modified trucks. The general consensus is that the factory set-up is efficient up to about 500whp.
I honesty wouldn't bother with an aftermarket intake unless you are just wanting one for the sound. There is a a foam baff in the intake pipe that a lot of people, including myself, have removed.
I would stick with the factory intake and dry paper filters.

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