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jtlind1999 09-04-2013 08:04 PM

Lifetime Warranty?? Chrysler /RAM has NO "honor".
I have a 2008 Ram with a "lifetime" drivetrain warranty. The dealer has done all of the work on it (oil changes ect. . . ), when it came time for them to honor the warranty for a seal leak(70K miles), Ram would not it because the truck had not received the 5 year "special" inspection. I bought the truck in September of 08 and it was in for an oil change every 3.5K and at the end of June 2012 and in December of 2012 (the 5 year "warranty inspection window", but the dealer did not get a notice of the special inspection, RAM care acknowledged that they did not tell me about the inspection coming due, and I checked all of my original paperwork and no "special inspection" was noted, so it was not done and now Dodge will not honor the warranty. Dodge is supposed to send reminders (they acknowledge that they did not send mine to the correct address). I have discussed it with Ram "Customer Care" repeatedly, but because I am outside of the 90 day window of beginning service in September (not true for the December 2012 oil change and 14 days early for the June oil change) and the dealer, while they did an inspection each time, did not get the notice on the computer for the the specified warranty inspection, so it was not done. I love my truck, but I have a real problem with Ram Care. They seem to be trying to find ways not to honor this warranty and there has been absolutely NO communication on their part. I have had to instigate each conversation even when they promise "someone will get back to me". I purchased the extended warranty also, but it does not cover items that should be included in the lifetime warranty, so it is worthless. The dealer has been working with me and we sent in all of the records and requests to the president of Customer Care over a month ago and there has been NO contact from them whatsoever. The sad part about this is that I am a loyal Dodge Customer who just purchased a Dodge Dart for my wife and put a lifetime warranty on it (two months before the debacle of the RAM truck or I would not have done it) and I have many people ask us about the Dart, but I cannot recommend the service or warranty at this time. I have been very patient with RAM care and gave them every opportunity to do the right thing and honor the "spirit" of the warranty to a loyal Dodge customer, but I do not want anyone else to go through this (my local dealer says I am not the only one), so be careful. Good Luck. If RAM Customer Care does come through, I will post that as well. Let's hope they can "step up" for their loyal customers.

UPDATE: As of this time, no one from RAM care has contacted my or my dealer regarding this matter. The Service Manager has sent repeated e-mails and left phone messages, but once again, no effort on RAM'S part. :4-dontknow: I think that is really the worst part of this situation.

Hermes1 09-04-2013 08:12 PM

Well that really sucks. I hope some how you get a resolution, though sad to say, it sounds like an uphill battle. :smiledown:

GTyankee 09-04-2013 08:26 PM

When the same dealership does all of your service, or if your on vacation & have it serviced at another dealership, it is all in their computer files

at the time that you go in for a service, they go into your records & know exactly where & when you purchased the RAM
When they are doing a service correctly, they do at least a 16 point inspection & more when the manual requires it

was it a Pinion Seal ??

Are you the ORIGINAL OWNER or son of the original owner ?
a lot of Warranties are not transferable :(

Who at the dealership are you talking to ?
I hope you are speaking to someone above the SERVICE WRITER position
like the General Manager or Owner of the dealership

keep your anger to yourself & keep trying to work with them
If you did everything right, it is all on them to prove otherwise, if you were to call a lawyer

jtlind1999 09-04-2013 08:59 PM

I do have all of the records and they have all been sent to RAM just in case something was lost (I have copies of the complete file). I am the original owner as well. The warranty was a Chrysler product that they sold with the 08 to get them off of the lot (according to some of the posts here). I am working with the Service Director on all of this and spoke with him again after this post. He was in contact with the RAM rep today and asked for an update from the VP(which she did not have), so she is sending another e-mail asking for an update and he will let me know one way or the other tomorrow. But, he was concerned that no one felt the need to contact me on this. It is more frustration at this point, not anger, but I know there are some other owners of 08 that could find themselves in this situation if they are not careful, so I felt the need to post. As I told the service manager, I will not go away quietly. In the digital age, it is much easier to get out a message good and/or bad, so I am still hoping for a "Chrysler stands by their loyal customers" message. But, I have consulted an attorney who, after reviewing the documents, would be happy to take the case and collect his fee only after the case is settled because he is that confident in it. I would be a little leery of that kind of promise, but he is a trusted friend as well (who does not BS me), so we shall see. Like I said, I will keep updating this post as it goes, but I have been dealing with this situation since June and I hoped that others could find this information useful.

White Knight 09-15-2013 04:36 PM

Sorry about the warranty issue, but I read my owners manual cover-to-cover when new just for that and other reasons and it does say that one must schedule the 5 year certification inspection intervals to maintain the warranty. Trust me, I am not "sticking up" for the manufacturer here, but those instructions are specific and plainly stated! GOOD LUCK!!!

Gantman 09-15-2013 04:55 PM

Good luck with your warranty issue. Most importantly, take your anger and frustration out of this as it will do nothing but raise your blood pressure. You stated you have all the service documentation recorded on your Ram, so you should have nothing to fear. Don't go making accusations or "defamation of character" statements so quickly as it is just as much responsibility on you and your service department to prove without a doubt, that you and your service department performed and documented all the required procedures by the book to honor said lifetime warranty. :smileup:

Chunkem 09-15-2013 05:41 PM

Sorry to hear that your having those warranty issues.....Good luck and please let us know how things work out......

maust1 09-15-2013 06:53 PM

If you bought it in Sept of 2008 it not do for inspection until this month. I know this because my wife previous van was bought in Aug 2008 and didn't need its inspection until Aug 13 we traded it in in May and the dealer had us put it in for service to fix the valve cover gasket leaks so we could get another 500 bucks on trade.
I hope this helps.

jtlind1999 09-16-2013 07:03 PM

Warranty "Honor" Update
UPDATE-Thank you for all of the replies. The RAM is a 2008 that was purchased in September of 2007, so they are counting that date. We do have all of the documentation and it has been "up the food-chain" to a Corporate person (sorry, but no title). The long and short of it is that they will not "honor" the warranty because the "special inspection" was not done within the 60 day window of the purchase date. They will extend it to 90 days and count "major work", but oil changes do not count. Unfortunately for me, I went on vacation in July of 2012, so I had my annual Summer Work on the RAM done (60K mile service) in late June of 2012, so I could go camping in it, which was 104 days from the purchase date (14 days outside of their extended window). The RAM had 63k and change on it then, it has 71K (almost) on it now. My issue is that I paid the extra money to have the work done at a dealer as a "safety net" for the lifetime warranty, but the dealership's computers are not programed to show that that a special inspection is needed until 60 days out. I know that it is outside of their "window" and I know that I am asking for an exception, but I also own nothing but Dodges (most of them purchased new from the same dealership), so if their was a time for them to "step up", this is the time. Chrysler admits that they did not send a reminder, nor did they make me aware of a "special inspection" at 5 years when I purchased it. When we purchased the 2013 DART (with a lifetime warranty BEFORE this all happened, believe me I would not do it now), we had to sign acknowledgement of the need of a special inspection, between that and talking to RAM Customer Care, they know this was an issue with the 2008 Lifetime Warranty, so why not make the exception and stand up for the Loyal Customer. Never again, ladies and gentleman, never again. I posted here not to gripe (okay, maybe a little), but to let you all know what happened so that it does not happen to you. You can make up your own mind. I TRUSTED RAM to stand up for a loyal Customer and I feel that they could have done that and been justified, they chose to NOT do that, so why am I loyal to them by purchasing their vehicles with my money?
On a side note, my profession puts me in contact with many people who are looking to purchase vehicles and they are very interested in the 2013 DART, while I like the care, I WILL NOT recommend it based on this situation.
Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond.

maust1 09-16-2013 08:29 PM

I am not saying chryco is doing the right thing but the warranty section of the owners manual explains the need for the 5 year inspection very clear. Sorry for your bad experience.

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