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2011 ASSAULT 800 09-05-2013 09:01 PM

oil change frequency
I looked through the manual0236+ and it did not have much of anything to say about when to change the oil for this truck, it was more less saying to follow the oil life indicator in the truck, the oil life indicator currently says 85% with 2400 kms ( 1500 miles) on the truck, tat would mean if I let it get to zero it would be around 14000 kms, 9000 miles on conventional oil, I was talking to a guy recently that said his gmc was at 20% oil life left (he had 9000 miles since his last change of synthetic) and his fuel economy was getting worse because the oil was old, which makes sense.

How often is everyone changing their oil, the service manager said to follow the 5000 kms (3000 mile) guide line, but he is probably trying to help justify his job a bit more too, he also said DONT run synthetic after the break in????? and said I can do my own changes and still keep warranty, just keep receipts of oil bought and dates of when changed. I am still a ways away from needing one but I want to see what everyone else is doing before I get to that point.

What does the fuel economy forecast look like after my first oil change, does it improve as the truck keeps breaking in and approx how much if so....

Thanks, Dan

shawnu 09-05-2013 09:16 PM

I got my oil changed the first time at 2100 miles, when the light came on, and swapped it will mobil 1 synthetic. Which i later asked my dealer about and he said theres no issue with that. Im going to change my oil every 4500 miles with M1.

As for the DIY, it comes down to the dealership, some say yes, some say no. Its also been said on here plenty of times that others dealers have said its fine too.

After break in? I didnt notice much difference. Im at 10,5xx miles now and get maybe 1-2 mpg more but cant tell you for sure because i rarely keep track and i dont always have the same driving habits, route, ect. So im the last person to ask about mpg, performance maybe a little better also. But then again, i have 22s and a better exhaust, which i dont expect to change anything too much.

Overall, id pick a quality oil and filter. And change it regularly, unless its extended interval with i wouldnt go with anyway because the manual says every 7,500 miles or when the light comes on, which ever comea first.

Good luck!!!

Hermes1 09-05-2013 11:07 PM

I changed mine at 500 miles (Dino oil), 1,000 miles (Amsoil OEM) will change again with last of my Amsoil OEM at 6K. Then I am going to Amsoil Signature and will probably end up doing it once per year.

hattitude 09-06-2013 11:14 AM

3000 mile oil change is from the 70's.......... The service manager should know better, he is trying to drum up business by charging you for services not needed. I'd find another dealer if he is the service manager!!

Today's oils and engines can go much farther before an oil change. The oils are better. They have much better additive packages. The engines are better, producing far less oil damaging blow-by. If you use a synthetic oil, you'd be ahead of the curve. A lot of people just don't think the added cost of synthetics are worth the benefits in a daily driver car/truck.

The oil life monitor measures parameters like stop & go driving, freeway driving, frequent stops & starts without good warmup, and uses that to decide oil life %.

I believe the manual says use the oil life monitor or 7500 miles maximum.....

I would trust the oil life monitor (or 7500mi) with one caveat, I change my oil when the monitor gets below 10%, or 7500 miles, or at a one year interval.....

Bottom line, if you really want to know for your specific engine and oil you use ..... let the oil monitor get below 10% and send a sample to Blackstone Labs. They make it easy and convenient. Then you'll know for sure if your doing good by your engine. I'd be willing to bet, barring an engine issue, you'll be fine.

Just my 2 cents............ good luck with your decision....

2011 ASSAULT 800 09-06-2013 04:57 PM

Thanks for the responses, I found it very odd the way the service manager spoke to me about oil changes, its probably the most important maintenance you can do on your vehicle and he seemed to sort of shrug it off with a do what you please type of deal but at the same rate said dont use synthetic even after the break in (which is probably to sell more frequent oil changes) you guys doing them at the service light or at 7500 miles, is that with conventional oil?? I have let me 04 hemi go to 8000 ish kms (5000 miles) many times but usually tried not too venture too far, oil was pretty fugly at that point. 1-2 mpg after the break in would be just fine by me, I was expecting this truck to be a fair bit better than my 04, I wasnt expecting huge numbers but I did think it would be a bit better, in town with mixed short distance highway driving every day it is far better than my 04 but on open hey for long distances it is pretty close to the same, the 04 had bigger heavier tires, same rear end gearing, same size cab etc. but did have a cold air, no resonator and a smaller muffler that may have helped a bit.

13 SPORT 09-06-2013 09:01 PM

anyone have a ck engine light on after oil change, i used 5w20 royal pulple and a k&n filter and ck engine light is on. when i scan it it said oil pressure to high.

The Hemster 09-23-2013 11:24 PM

Just bought my ram and the dealer said 7500. Seems kinda high though. I'll probably do it every 5000.

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