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overtheedge86 09-09-2013 06:29 PM

Oil pressure reads 0!!!
Replaced the sender as well as add a mechanical gauge teed into the factory sender. Replaced oil pump due to it still reading low. yesterday drove about 100 miles and once hot would read about 10-12 at idle. Today once hot about 20 miles the pressure dropped to 0 on both gauges, stopped let it cool about 10 minutes and it came back to 10 at idle and dropped to 0 again after a minute. RPM increase does nothing for the pressure not even a bounce on the gauge. I drove it a couple minutes reading 0 pressure to get her back home and it made no funny noises or ticks didn't give me any problems even with 0 pressure!?

What could be the problem, I need to get this running right for work?

overtheedge86 09-10-2013 11:47 AM

Maybe a little more info. I bought this truck about a month ago. It had sat for 2 years inside a garage with out starting. I changed the oil and all fluids after purchasing and the oil was disgusting. Ran a can of seafoam in the crank idling for about 30 minutes and changed the oil again also nasty looking. When the pressure first started dropping I out I put a new sender and also the mechanical gauge. Still had a problem so I open up the pan to clean the screen and replaced the pump. Was doing great sunday quite a but of driving and the pressure got low when hot hut not 0 by low I mean about 10 at idle. Yesterday I got home from work again idle about 10 when hot. Picked up my wife to go to home depot and it dropped out to 0 again wont even bounce up with a little rev. Sat for 2 hours or so fired up and pressure was fine.

Maybe more sludge came free from the top end and clogged the pick up again? If thats the case I would think hot thin oil would flow through the crud better than cold thick oil.

panhead 09-16-2013 10:59 PM

Run more seafoam in it but leave it in longer. Read the can for the right amount. You may need to run seafoam more than once

Warlock III 09-17-2013 04:11 PM

The problem seems to be the main bearings. The oil-pump does NOT create oil pressure. The tolerances between the bearings and journals create the pressure. Had I had the opportunity to respond to this thread sooner I would have suggested a Melling high volume oil pump and increase the oil weight to 20w-50.

If you've already done the pump you know it's only about an hour and a half job. I would still suggest replacing the new pump with the Melling. It increases the volume of oil being pushed into the lower journals and creates pressure ($70) and should give you another 20-30K before you have to replace the bearings. The 20w-50* oil should help close the tolerance in the bearings and create additional pressure.

*20w-50: The "w" in oil refers to Winter. The oil has a thickness of 20 winter 50. Therefore when the engine is started cold as in winter it is a 50 weight oil. The higher the second number the thicker the oil when cold. As the engine warms up it reduces the weight to 20.

overtheedge86 09-22-2013 09:05 PM

Sludge was the problem, I think the seafoam knocked some other stuff loose from the nooks and crannies. I dropped the pan and cleaned the sludge out of the pick up. Started up with GREAT pressure like 70-80 on a cold start that settled to 30psi idle when hot. Drove for the weekend and had to drop the pan and clean the pick up again. Looks like it may take a few oil changes to have it all cleared up.

When this first started to happen I removed the intake and valve covers to manually clean what i could, what i saw was like a scene from a horror movie. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if there's more crap hiding in there somewhere.

panhead 09-23-2013 07:56 PM

Definitely need to use seafoam and put in some serious highway miles.

overtheedge86 09-23-2013 08:18 PM

What you see in the pic was manually cleaned out with a brush and shop vac. Also flushed some 2 stroke gas with the pan off to cut the crud. I have had the pan off 3 times now to clean the pick up screen again, the last of which had very little debris in the bottom of the pan compared to the other times. I think i may be getting to the last of it, may drop the pan again later this week to check out the screen and condition of the oil.

Thanks for the input but i think im almost through the sludge. Actually confident enough to drive it to work today about 60 miles round trip and it did fine, warm idle about 15-20 psi but shot right up with rpm.

panhead 09-23-2013 08:26 PM

15-20 is low at warm idle. Should be sitting no less than 37psi, that's nominal pressure. City driving while using seafoam won't do much.

I have to give you credit for doing all this cleaning to save it.

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