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brondondolon 09-10-2013 09:59 PM

Starting a discussion about car care products favorites vs least favorite
Hey guys. As i stated in previous discussions i love spending a whole day making my baby nice and shiny. So what is every one using to wash wax and polish their rams? Also what are some products that you have used that you hated?


Wash- when it come to car was i just buy the cheapest since i follow with a wax any way

Wax- For black i swear by turtle wax black box wax. for all other colors my favorites are zymol and meguires professional yellow

Tire shine- Basic armor all foam

Metal polish- I havent found a chrome polish i liked yet but for any other metal hands down Wenol found at ace hardware and amazon i havent used it on chrome but jesus its crazy on aluminum and magnesium

Glass- Surf city garage "clearly better" glass cleaner. Only glass cleaner ive seen that you can spray on a hot window in the sun and not leave a streak

Carpet cleaner- Folex

Leather- Lexol is the only one ive used so i cant comment to much on this one

Leather/Plastic dash- meguires quick interior cleaner (no gloss)

Interior plastic/leather trim- basic armor all

Clear exterior plastics- meguiars PlastX

Exterior black plastic trim- mothers back to black

Rubbing compound- 3M rubbing compound

Clay bar- Meguiars professional detailing clay (mild) its a blue clay block in a round black tub. It works better then mothers in my opinion and better then their regular clay bar kit. I use it with Meguiars quick detailer spray wax to lubricate the clay against the paint

Head light restoration- For oxidized headlights 3M headlight restoration kit is the only one id ever recommend, in my opinion it is the only one that truly works

Air freshener- believe it or not but AXE body spray is great for making the interior smell nice and it lasts quite a while. If you have a bad odor how ever ozium gets rid of it really quick its just a little strong and new car sent smells like lemon

Products i hated:

Turtle wax black tire coat- Jesus this product should have a recall or something... what it basically is is a small can of clear coat paint which is why its "dry to the touch" when i used this product it left my tires with a oil on water rainbow shine after it was on a few days on top of that it left little over spray spots all over my windows which lead to an extreme glare when the sun was hitting it. i used so many things to remove the spots and ended up having to use goof off which even still didnt remove it all... worst car care product ever in my opinion

never dull- although a good product it is terrible on chrome which was my mistake i think because i dont think its advertised to use on chrome

nu finish wax- its not terrible but for a wax i think its one of the least effective ones ive used

liquid glass paint polish- i personally dont feel like it stands up to what it claims to do

headlight restore- blue magic headlight lense restorer. this product is good on non oxidized plastic if you just want to shine it up. if you buy it to remove oxidation on headlights you are wasting your money.

Turtle wax bug and tar remover- it will remove bugs but what standard liquid car soap and a little elbow grease wont. as far as burnt rubber in your wheel well and on your fenders its useless.


Thats all i can think of so far. Share the products you use and the ones you didnt like. Lets see what every one comes up with :smileup:

spoiler 09-10-2013 10:38 PM

Great idea! Subscribed!!

Asur 09-11-2013 07:45 AM

There is a whole section on this type of information here you might want to look at, it covers from waxes to all sorts of issues or solutions members have had, it also has threads on best products, here is the location of this section.

dodge man 09-11-2013 02:38 PM

For wax Zaino. I also sometimes use Maguiers with a buffer.
Detail spray Zaino or Griots Garage.
Leather cleaner Zaino or Griots Garage
Buffer Porter Cable dual action
Carpet Cleaner I have a steamer from Griots Garage
Glass Cleaner Made by Stoner, I can't remember the name
Protectant Aerospace 303

brondondolon 09-11-2013 02:58 PM

@dodge man: ive used aerospace 303 and that is some great stuff that can be used on tons of different things i forgot all about it. what are some products that you didnt like?

dodge man 09-11-2013 05:49 PM

What don't I like? After using Zaino, I pretty much don't like any other wax. Zaino is a man made wax and I got it because I have a black Challenger with black side stripes. The Zaino doesn't leave any kind of residue along the stripes. It also lasts much longer than regular wax. The only problem with Zaino is it doesn't have a lot of cleaning ability so you have to clay bar the car first or somehow clean the paint.

I'm also not a big fan of the Turtle Was bug and Tar remover, its crap, but I have always like Never Dull. Wenol is good stuff also.

For a power buffer I've pretty much narrowed it down to a Maguires product. They list it as a "professional" product so you won't find it at Wal-mart. Its called Mirror Glaze Polymer Sealant. Its also a man made wax and it does a good job of cleaning the paint. I really like it and also have a couple different Maguires buffing compounds for taking out bad scratches with a power buffer.

I'm also not to big on Armor All anymore. It kind of got a bad rap for drying stuff out of the long run. I don't know if thats true or not but I used to use it all the time.

I currently maintain a "fleet" of 5 cars. My wifes 300C, my daughters Impala, my Dodge truck, my Challenger and my sons 2004 GTO. I do all the wrenching I can plus try and keep them halfway clean so anything I can do to save time helps. My son does help with his car but it seems the rest is up to me. I guess I've been cleaning and detailing cars for about 30 years now and I've kind of learned what works with the least amount of effort.

Thunderhorse 09-11-2013 08:28 PM

I got one for best: Turtle Wax Ice. Gives a good shine, seems to last quite a while, and the part I like best is that it doesn't turn up white if you accidentally get it on the black plastic parts like other waxes do that I've used.

PaulMys 09-11-2013 08:43 PM

One of my favorite & most versatile products is Plexus. I use it to clean my headlights/taillights, shine up my chrome-clad wheels, and it does a great job cleaning & shining the plastic inner fender wells.

brondondolon 09-12-2013 10:50 PM

@Dodge man: i just read about the wax you are talking about and it looks pretty impressive. im gonna have to order some when i run out of the stuff i have.

@Paulmys: ive never heard of plexus im gonna look into that stuff.

dodge man 09-13-2013 02:01 PM

I'm always one of those people thats skeptical of the "new great products". I had a friend that had a Corvette that just swore Zaino was the best thing since sliced bread. I have to admit I was impressed and love how long the stuff lasts. The Z2 is what you want to use on your car probably. The Z8 detail spray is also really good. The only problem with Zaino is its cost, its pretty pricey.

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