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Maine-Ram 09-14-2013 03:48 PM

Rough Idle
This is for my 2002 Dodge ram 5.9l Magnum

Previously when I used to splash threw a puddle on the passenger side of the vehicle, the pickup would start to become really sluggish, idle incredibly rough, and sometimes stall while trying to drive. Put the truck in park, and it seems to be ok. Eventually this would go away as I assume w.e was affected would dry up.

Later I found that it was the crank position sensor over the fly wheel. The end of the sensor had worn and the electrode or w.e it it was slightly visible. I'd presume it would get wet, and give off false readings causing the truck to run like crap for awhile. I replaced it and the issue went away for awhile.

Well its returned, and the sensor is only 9 months old. I went and put silicone over the sensor in hopes it it would keep it dry. Didn't work.

Curious if there could be another area to look at. Anything will help! Also the backlight on my gauges quit. Separate matter I'd assume.

Warlock III 09-18-2013 11:54 AM

Check to make sure the spark plug wires are routed correctly. Then open the hood at night while it's running. Get a test light and ground it and then use the tip to trace each wire on both sides/thoroughly. If a wire is compromised you'll see a spark jump to the end of the probe.

If that doesn't return any results my next question would be when it idles low is there a sucking/vacuum leak kind of noise?

An intermittent low idle can be caused by a bad/going IAC or an upstream 02 sensor.

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