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PRO2A73 09-15-2013 06:35 PM

Hissing type sound under acceleration
My 2012 2500 Hemi has been making a hissing type sound, which sounds like an exhaust leak, since I bought it new. It only happens when you step on the throttle, don't really hear it at idle. I had the dealer I work for look at it and the tech said it may just be the belt that's not worn in yet. I have about 5,300 miles on it and no change. I even had a salesman tell me that sound is normal on the 2500 Hemi. There are no lights coming on and the engine seems to perform fine. Anyone have this and know if it's normal? I haven't had a chance to listen to another truck so hopefully someone here can answer my question. Thanks.:4-dontknow:

hydrex 09-15-2013 07:46 PM

I tried out a 2500 Laramie QC 4X4 with a Cummins, did not hear any odd sounds. Actually, it was shockingly silent, compared to my hemi 05 Ram. One thing for sure= "Never Listen to a Salesman" Go try out another one, bet you won't hear a thing. I think it's an exhaust leak. One of the reasons I'll keep my hemi, the BS government mandated smog legal exhaust on diesels. You might be able to buy or borrow a hydrocarbon sniffer to check out exhaust, if you can't find an obvious leak. Also, check for a hidden Smart car or Prius trapped under your Ram. hehe

PRO2A73 09-15-2013 08:39 PM

LOL Thanks Hydrex. It sure sounds like a leak to me. I do want it looked at again but our dealer has been so busy lately. There is one tech I really trust and I'll ask him to look/listen to it personally. And yes our government has really put a cramp on diesel's with all the environmental BS.

CdnoilRAM 09-15-2013 10:01 PM

Have you been able to at least determine where the sound is coming from in the engine bay? Not looking for a specific location, but a ball park area? One method of isolating the noise is to use a hose and cup it to your ear while you move the end around the engine bay, this eliminates a lot of excess noise and you can hear a more specific area.

PRO2A73 09-17-2013 07:15 PM

Well good news. I took a tech I trust for a ride and it turns out the noise I'm hearing is the air entering the intake. It has something to do with the duct at the fender. Apparently it's louder on 2500/3500's than 1500's. I had an '11 1500 Hemi that I hadn't noticed it on, but at least there's nothing wrong with my 2500. Matter of fact, I heard another 2500 Hemi accelerate past the dealer today and heard it do the same thing. So all's well.

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