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mkadam68 09-20-2013 04:08 PM

Which Model Do I Have?
Just bought a used '08 Ram 1500 (4.7L V8) from a dealer.

On the dealer's website and all the paperwork I had seen, the truck was referred to as a SL/SLT model. Then, when completing paperwork for the sale, it was referred to as "Dodge Laramie Quad Cab".

When I'm online checking parts for upgrade, the descriptions don't match what I have. I had understood that Laramie referred to the trim package. But, I don't have all the Laramie trim. :)

So, how can I tell which model I have? Is there specific features that give it away?

I've attached some pics in case anyone can tell.

Butter 09-20-2013 04:19 PM

It has the BigHorn badge which is a version of the SLT

GTyankee 09-20-2013 04:35 PM

now that you own the Ram, you can go to this site
request a BUILD SHEET, they send it to you FREE
it has all the info that you could ever need

you will only need the current mileage & of course your VIN #,
when you call, ask them to mail it to you
they send it within a week usually

you may see some other things that you may want to ask about

Billacuda 09-20-2013 07:26 PM

You bought an SLT, but the paperwork shows Laramie? Make sure your insurance knows it's an SLT so you're not paying more for insurance than you need to. Wonder if the dealer upped the trim to get extra money for it on an unsuspecting buyer...

mkadam68 09-20-2013 11:58 PM

Thanks for feedback. Went to the ramtrucks website & sent off email asking for build sheet. Checked Google Images of an SLT model: most of them looked like mine, so going with that.

Laramie must refer to interior trim?

Stump3r 09-21-2013 12:03 AM

Laramie refers to both interior and exterior trim. Laramie is the top of the line, fully loaded truck. SL/SLT are usually base line trucks and depending on how they were ordered the options will vary.

RogerRamJet 09-21-2013 02:01 AM

Big Horn is the same as the Long Horn, just outside of Texas. The "Horns" are an additional trim package that are usually on the SLT package. Some interior pics would be more help.

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