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Quasimoto 09-20-2013 05:14 PM

Power Wagon Diff Swap
I upgraded my 2005 Ram 2500 with Power Wagon Axles. With them in now I figured I would start a thread for the swap to help others.
It all Started with a 2500km trip to go pick up a set of used Diffs with 50,000 km (31,000mi) on them from a wreckers out side of Vancouver. When I got the Diffs home I gave them a check over inside and out, plus a coat of paint. I also recieved the stock pigtails with the Diffs so I checked to make sure that the lockers worked and which wires I was going to use to power them.
I also figured that if I was going to go this far I would also upgrade the steering linkage and add a steering box brace at the same time.
So then it was into the shop to get started.
After putting it on jack stands and pulling the front wheels I cleaned and sprayed every bolt I could find with penitrating lube.
I undid the abs wires and hung the calipers out of the way. I decided to remove the sway bar completely, because I run diesel coils on a hemi and don't need it.
The Draglink needed a little heat to pop out of the pitman arm, but the panhard bar came off fairly easy. The bottom bolt on the shocks was undone and the Coils were held up into the coil buckets with bungee cords.
In order to get the drive shaft disconected I had to lift the truck up to get enough angle at the bottom yoke ear to fit a ground down torx bit inside the ears into the screws.

To Be Continued

Quasimoto 09-20-2013 05:16 PM

Before I let the truck back down I put some jackstands by the transfercase crossmember and threw my stock tires on. I undid the trailing arms and roled out the diff (Remember to disconect the diff breather).
I then transfered the tires and breather over to the new diffs and rolled them into place and rehooked up all the arms, linkages, shocks, brakes, driveshaft and steering brace.
The next day I worked on the back.
It was again put up on jack stands, wheels removed and everything sprayed with lube.
The shocks, brakes, driveshaft and airbags were disconected. I cut the ubolts and ebrakes cables because I was going with new ones (DAM RUST).
Jackstands were put under the frame at the back of the cab and the diff was rolled out.

To Be Continued

Quasimoto 09-20-2013 05:16 PM

The new diff was rolled in and hooked up.
On day 3 it was time to wire them up. I built a switch panel that would fit were the cubby was on the dash.
I installed an extra fuse panel for the switches behind the panel on the side of the DS dash.
I ran wires from each diff to behind the battery. Because I am using the factory pigtails I hooked power to the YL/OR and ground to the YL/LG on the front. The rear got power to the YL/WT and ground to the YL/GY. When I tested the lockers I found that because I shared the power to the 2 switches that when both lockers are on it would pop a 10 amp fuse but not a 15 amp.
I hope this helps any one that plans to do this also.

casper97ta 09-21-2013 08:39 AM

Wow very nice write and nice job on the swap. Makes me wish I had solid axles :sad:

Wh1t3nukle 09-24-2013 04:21 PM

Good job on the swap. How about some more detail on your switch panel? Nice packaging job.

Any issues arise since the install?

Quasimoto 09-24-2013 05:54 PM


Originally Posted by Wh1t3nukle (Post 1207178)
Good job on the swap. How about some more detail on your switch panel? Nice packaging job.

Any issues arise since the install?

I don't have any other pictures of the switch panel. But what I did was cut a flat piece of plastic from an old box liner I had. I shaped it so it could be sandwiched between the dash panel and cubby tray. I cut off the back of the cubby tray so i could run the wires to the switches. I mounted the 8 switches,(left to right) 2 - on/off for lockers, 1 - on/off/on and 1 - mom on/off/mom on for my siren controls, 4 - on/off to control the Led light bars. I heated some letter metal punches to mark the switches.

The only issue I have had is I mounted one of my radio mics below the front locker switch and have turned on my front locker on once when i grabbed my mic.

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