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hoamskilet 09-24-2013 02:33 AM

HD Nitro Seal review
Hey guys, I jumped on an awesome opportunity to evaluate HD Nitro Seal, so here I am with a few thoughts. I will be using it on both of my vehicles, but my wife's 2010 Ford Fusion is first up as it spends more time outside.

Here's a link to the product with a brief description:

3D International, LLC :: Waxes :: HD Nitro Seal

HD® Nitro SealTM, a revolutionary two-part co-polymer synthetic paint sealant technology, is designed to offer the ultimate paint protection available while delivering a superior “Melted Glass” like effect to the paint. This patented system is the first of its kind. HD® Nitro SealTM offers the best in paint protection in the industry. Its extreme water beading properties and polymeric shield will repel contaminants and keep vehicle clean for longer periods of time. Can be used on all exterior hard surfaces of automobiles including glass, metal, chrome, and wheels.
Each bottle is carefully topped with nitrogen gas for ultimate preservation of our leading edge technology. Part A provides excellent surface affinity and spread ability through its incredible wetting feature, helps to anchor the product to the car paint. When Part B is applied over Part A, the two chemicals will react and cure to a superior hard protective coating.

The kit comes with instructions, two foam applicators, the two bottles of product, a microfiber towel, and a set of latex gloves.

The instructions were plenty clear and the kit as a whole is pretty complete. The towel that was included was a nice bonus and although nothing special, I would have no problem using it on the paint. I did use one of my own towels this time though for no reason other than I didn't get a chance to wash this towel before using the product. Those two little bottles are enough to do 2 different cars, although the directions say it should be used up within 30 days of opening the product.

The application of the product is fairly straight forward. Use one of the foam applicators and wipe part A over the car and follow up by doing the same with part B using the second pad. After letting sit for at least a half hour you wipe it off with a microfiber towel. One thing that is mentioned in the directions is the product spreads thin and goes a long way. This can't be stressed enough. I applied the product to the pad by basically holding the pad againt the opening of the bottle and quickly tipping the bottle to just wet the pad a bit in a couple of spots. This was plenty to spread over an entire panel at a time.

Part A is a thin liquid that goes on super smooth and and greasy. This makes it nice to spread, but at the same time makes it kind of difficult to see what all has been covered and if you're using too much or too little. It dries with a very slight haze which is ok per the directions:

Part B has a consistency that reminds me of a typical liquid wax. I applied the product to the pad in the same way that I did part A, but this step wasn't as enjoyable to apply. It felt like it dragged across the surface harder and with the surface being a bit hazy from the application of part A already, I wasn't sure I was getting everything covered evenly. This also dried in a bit of a streaky haze:

I let the product set up over dinner time and was then back out to wipe it off. I'm far from a pro detailer, so take this with a grain of salt, but I honestly had a harder time removing this stuff than anything I've used before. The car had been sitting in the garage and outside temp was around 70, so the surface being too warm wasn't an issue. I'm guessing I put one or both parts on too thick. It was leaving behind oily looking spots on random areas that I had a hell of a time getting off. I tried using a light mist of a couple different quick detail sprays which helped, but I'm still finding spots a couple days later that I didn't get off.

hoamskilet 09-24-2013 02:33 AM

A quick pic from the night of removal:

And a few pics outside the next day:

The pictures were rushed and didn't turn out like I would have liked, but I will update those when I get a better setting/time of day. The finish it left on the car is absolutely sick. The pictures don't even begin to do it justice. The gloss it leaves on the surface is awesome and left the smoothest feeling finish I've ever felt on a car. I obviously can't speak to it's durability, but just the way it looks leaves me no reason to believe it won't hold up like they claim (up to a year with normal use).

Some final thoughts:

Pros - The application is pretty easy and shouldn't take very long, especially once you've done it a couple time
- The kit as a whole is well thought out and complete
- The finish it leaves on the car is amazing. Leaves an incredible amout of gloss and the finish feels smoooooth

Cons - Really the only con I can come up with at this point is the process of removing the product. When I evaluate a product I put a lot of emphasis on ease on removal. I have a feeling operator error was the cause here (think I may have put it on too thick), but it'd be nice if it came off a bit easier even if it went on a little thick. I think I have plenty left in each bottle to do my truck, so I don't feel like I piled it on too excessively. Which that actually brings me to a suggestion. I'm guessing the bottles are metal for a reason, but if they could at least put some kind of "clear window" up the side of the bottle so you could see how much is in there it would help. Opening the bottle for the first time you'll notice there's a decent amount of space from the top of the bottle down to where the liquid is, so it's hard to gauge how much you're using as you go along. If you could keep an eye on how much you have left in the bottle, it could help you from using too much.

Value - I have no problem with $60 bucks keeping both of my vehicle sealed well for a year

All in all, I'd give Nitro Seal a solid B/B+. I'm going to be doing my Dodge Ram soon here, and if it comes off easier I'll be moving that grade up to an A. I'll be sure to update the thread after I'm done with my truck.

primo spaghetti 09-24-2013 10:01 PM


how many forums did these post have to go on to get the product for free?!?!

PaulMys 09-25-2013 07:32 PM

You ever try this stuff primo?

primo spaghetti 09-25-2013 07:55 PM

Yeah I've tried it and the 3 d line is a great line of premium car care products and work pretty much as advertised.

This product while it does work good is a bit more labour intensive (2 step process for just the sealant) and compares in price to other premium easier to use 1 step sealants/ coatings.

Everyone has their preferences of course but for the same money I'd go with opti coat or cquartz over the nitro seal. They are industry leaders in coatings/sealants and last longer IMO and are easier to use

PaulMys 09-26-2013 07:50 PM

Cool. Great info again, primo. Thanks bud!

primo spaghetti 10-02-2013 10:27 PM


Originally Posted by PaulMys (Post 1208642)
Cool. Great info again, primo. Thanks bud!

anytime...its my pleasure!

barr0208 12-08-2016 09:50 AM

how about diamond coat is it any good???

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