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Whiplash 09-24-2013 09:37 PM

looking for wire access to cab
hey all..

wondering what my options are for running wire from the battery to inside the cab. I'd prefer to stay away from the main harness and would prefer not to have to drill. would like to run 2x 8ga and a bundle of probably 24x 18ga (strictly for switches, relays will stay under hood)


Stump3r 09-24-2013 10:14 PM

There is one nub right under the main harness that you can utilize. I know there is another spot as well hopefully cdnoilram will chime in as I know he has run a whack of goodies into the cab and knows what plugs to use.

brandonjansen 09-25-2013 01:26 AM

Yes, what Stump3r said. There's a little nub underneath the main harness that you can use. Cut off the end up the nub and run your wires through there.

CdnoilRAM 09-25-2013 07:24 AM

There are a few places to run wires into the cab, The best for larger gauge wires is the plastic panel on the driver-side firewall. It's got a 1 1/4" opening so you can drill through the plastic, install a grommet and run your cables with zero issues.

Below the main wiring harness in the rubber boot there is a small nub as the others have said. You can clip the end of the nub off and run about 10 16ga wires through it easily, more if you have a wire fish to pull them through.

Your last option is to run them under the driver-side cab door sill to where the emergency brake comes through the sill under the main cab harness. There is a rubber boot you can put a small slit in and run wires through.

If you're planning to run systems with multiple relays I might suggest looking for a fuse block to simplify the install and trouble shooting. I prefer the painless wiring ones myself as they're a great kit and you have options of running constant power or ignition-on circuits. Just options out there rather than running 6-7 relay/in-line fuses like i had on my last truck.

Whiplash 09-25-2013 08:19 AM

much thanx guys :)

ya i saw the plastic located near the main, but wasn't sure if there was something on the backside of it....drilling blind bad :D I'll check into the others suggested as well!!

YA, i'm definitely looking at a block cdnoilram
my plan is to run the 8 (or even 4) into the cab to the fused block (minus the ham radio, it will connect direct to lead wire) and distribute from there. smaller ga. to the switches and again matching smaller ga. to the relays in the engine bay. From there i'm thinking 14 or 12 to each accessory. each relay will be fed fused direct from the battery as well. I don't want to draw any power from the cab wiring cuz i hear it can start affecting shyt.
and i'm not sure what those puppies are that are on the battery terminals so i'll bypass all that too

For now i'm probably only looking at a few lights etc, but one never knows so i'd like to pre-run enough twisted wire to accommodate any later additions.

again, thanx!!!

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