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brondondolon 10-02-2013 12:42 AM

Just a rant and rave about the dealership in my area... should i be upset???
my truck is at the shop right now and ive never been so pissed at a dealership in my life and depending on what happens when i get my truck back im seriously thinking about going to the court house and suing them.

My trans was on its way out so i took it to the dealership and dropped it off since its still under warranty and this is the second time in less then 30k miles the trans has gone out. While its there they call me and say that im past my 30k mile service and wanted to know if id like them to do it. i told them no since im capable of doing it my self for a fraction of the cost. i go and pick up my truck and the service writer tells me that i have a misfire in cylinder 3 and i should really consider leaving it with them... now know i only have 50k on my truck and what are the odds that after i tell them no ill do the 30k service my self i start having a misfire and the solution would be what they were trying to sell me in the first place...? i figured what ever ill get the plugs and do the job my self and just never take my truck there again. so the service writer prints out my recipte and after looking at it all they did was update the transmission software and charged me $218. so i get in my truck and first i notice that there is burnt rubber on my wheel wells and im like wtf is that to the guy who brought it up and he says idk it was there before... no way to really prove that one at that point it would be my word against his. so i get in my truck and these mother f'ers left wendys garbage on my floor and a f'ing ketchup stain on my seat then i look at the gas tank and they used almost 90 miles of my gas (i know this because i text the distance to empty number to my self so i would know) so im like "wtf did i just pay for...? some idiot to go joy riding in my truck...?" so i again cool down and just drive away its all fixable problems and just poor service on their part. until i leave the driveway of their lot.... soon as i pull out the trans is still messed up... in fact id say it was worse then before... prob from all the donuts they did id imagine... i turn around and take it back so and confront the service manager. he sends the trans tech with me for a drive so i could show him and he starts saying that the jerking im feeling is a misfire... i then asked how long has he been a trans tech and he said 31 years so i say and you think this jerking is a misfire...? he said definately. then about a mile more of driving wouldnt you know it goes into limp mode so i then tell the guy is the trans stuck in 4th a misfire?? lol so we take the truck back and i left it there

i get a call the next day saying that they cant isolate the issue so they are putting a new solenoid pack in it and my warranty deductible is going to be $150. now $150 i expect to pay but when i go and i pick up the truck im going to tell them they they can take the $150 out of the $218 id like refunded and if they dont i put this on everything i own im going to sue them.

the way i see it this is their logic. they charge me for something that doesnt work so then they charge me for something else and that doesnt work. how many times will i have to pay for their employees misdiagnosis? you see what im saying? on top of that i dont know what should be done about the misfire... i had no issues aside from the trans which at the time of drop off didnt have a CEL. now once i pick it up it misfires and has a check engine light ...

who ever reads all this i appreciate you listening i know it was alot lol

HuntCrazy 10-02-2013 12:48 AM

Sad how some companies are ran. I would have gone back in after finding the ketchup stain, trash and gas missing. They definetly need to make that up to you

brondondolon 10-02-2013 01:19 AM

oh i did. i mean it took me driving less then 500' away from the lot but i went right back. unfortunately i had bigger issues which is ridiculous.

1stRAM2012 10-02-2013 01:21 AM

I would have never left the.lot. Your alot more cool headed than me. If I don't spin my tires no one does.+stain+trash+ my gas = my foot in a managers a$$. Plus they never fixed the issue I'd def want my money back to say the least. I don't know if you can sue(I know nothing about law) but id def be talking to the owner of the dealership about abuse to my vehicle at the least

brondondolon 10-02-2013 01:31 AM

Yeah i know i shouldnt have left i just didnt want to raise hell and then still need them to work on it. on top of that im pretty sure i did significant damage to the 4th gear clutch pack i mean it was slipping pretty bad in forth gear and shifting extremely rough into 4th gear when it would catch. and i had to drive it like that for 700 miles since i was out of state when the problem came about. so i think that once i get the truck back after they replace the solenoid pack that its going to drive fine for a little while then go back to the trans going out which means paying them more money to fix what should have been replaced initially. as far as suing them i can definately sue them but the question is if id win or not after talking to my girl friend tonight i think i am going to contact an attorney tomorrow. i really think they tampered with my truck and all id have to do to prove that is just drive over to one of the mom and pop shops by my place straight from the dealership and get their opinion. who knows though all i know is im pretty upset with these ppl.

brondondolon 10-07-2013 01:16 PM

so they replaced the solenoid pack and told me my truck is ready. i go and pick it up i drive about 4 miles and then the trans still has the same problem so its back at the dealership...

Grubrunner 10-07-2013 01:30 PM

You may seriously want to consider finding new hands and heads [dealership].

Leaving the dealership's lot when the obvious was, well, obvious, was the BIG mistake.

Live and learn....

brondondolon 10-07-2013 04:14 PM

well i did leave the lot but took it right back the moment i noticed the problem still wasnt fixed.

namretsud 10-08-2013 11:49 AM

I would talk to the owner and go after them about the stain, garbage, excessive gas usage and the tire rubber in the wheel wells. I would also get Chrysler HO involved. I would also insist that the trans replacement should have a warranty past the factory warranty of the truck.

brondondolon 10-08-2013 10:18 PM

i talked to them today. they say they found the problem which was a burnt up clutch pack hopefully they are right this time because im having withdraws from not having my truck lol. i guess they are rebuilding the trans now. sucks because this is the second time in less then 30k miles.

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