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Reyther 10-13-2013 09:44 PM

Acquiring Key Fob PIN as original Owner
On page 20 of the owners manual(700+ page one) it says in regards to the keyfob: At the time of purchase, the original owner is provided with a four-digit personal Identification Number(PIN). Keep the PIN in a secure location. This number is required for authorized dealer replacement of key fobs. Duplication of key fobs may be performed at an authorized dealer, this procedure consists of programming a blank key fob to the vehicle electronics. A blank key fob is one that has never been programmed.

So my question is, who do i get this PIN from? My salesman is clueless and had a technician come out that was saying I don't need a pin because they do the programming. At the time I did not have a copy of the manual, just told I should ask for a PIN from another post. I will pursue this again this week but was seeking additional information in case the dealership still doesn't know what I am talking about. Thanks!

katjtodd 10-15-2013 10:28 AM

I would call customer care. 1-800-423-6343

CBR Dude 10-18-2013 03:37 PM

When the dealer programmed my 2 extra fobs all I needed was my registration and and a photo ID. Was not done at the selling dealer nor was I provided the PIN at the time of sale from selling dealer. I'm guessing it's in their system?

GTyankee 10-18-2013 05:22 PM

FOBS, also called FOBIKs, short for Frequency Operated Button Integrated Key
are now called RKE devices, short for Remote Keyless Entry

I don't know if the 2013/14 RKE devices are the same as the previous RKE devices, but i will assume they are

IF you have 2 RKE devices for a single Ram & they both work, you can buy a 3rd or 4th Blank RKE device & program it or them yourself
If on the other hand you have lost, ruined, or misplaced 1 of the 2 RKE devices, you can purchase a blank RKE from any one that sells them, BUT you must go to the dealership or certain locksmiths to get it programmed.
You should know that if you purchase it through a dealership, they May not charge you to program it, but some will.
Also you should know that the dealership has 2 prices, one price for the outside shell that has the word RAM imprinted on it & a lower price if it has the word DODGE imprinted on it. Both are identical devices, except for those words.
the battery & the transmitter chip are identical in both

I would say that buying your own blank RKE device from
is the better way to go
that site also explains everything better then i ever could

good luck

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