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britplod 11-02-2013 08:44 AM

Why men dont make good agony aunts
This is one reason men don't make good agony aunts, case in point a letter sent from a male about his cheating wife.

Dear uncle Bob,
I have suspected my wife has been cheating on me for the passed few months so I decided to follow her the other night to see if my suspicions where founded. I drew up in the parking lot at a discreet distance and got out of my truck and crouched down beside the front wheel so I could get a clear view, after about half an hour I saw her come out of the restaurant with another man where she kissed him and got into his car, at this point I noticed a leak coming from what I think is my front brake. My question is what do you think I should do now I know?

Uncle Bob's reply:

This is quite a serious situation and must be handled appropriately, after giving it some thought I would suggest that you don't deal with this by yourself and get professional help any good garage will find the source of leak and sort it out for you at a reasonable cost giving you clear peace of mind.

hydrex 11-02-2013 12:11 PM

That's better than the pig joke BP. The way I heard it, when he crouched down, he saw a minor scratch in his Ram's clearcoat where a shopping cart must have hit it. Of course the answer is some careful buffing followed by 2 coats of polymer sealant.:gy:

britplod 11-02-2013 01:40 PM

I heard the "Pig" joke awhile back by a motorcycle cop I must admit I did find it funny....

KA1OTE 11-02-2013 03:28 PM

:hah: Another good one! Keep 'em coming!

Hermes1 11-03-2013 11:56 AM

Good one loved it.:smileup:

1stRAM2012 11-03-2013 12:46 PM

reminds me of this

Dear Walter:
I hope you can help me here. The other day I set off for work leaving my
husband in the house watching the TV as usual. I hadn't gone more than a
mile down the road when my engine conked out and the car shuddered to a
halt. I walked back home to get my husband's help. When I got home I
couldn't believe my eyes. He was in the bedroom with a neighbor lady
making mad passionate love to her. I am 32, my husband is 34 and we
have been married for twelve years. When I confronted him, he broke
down and admitted that he'd been having an affair for the past six
I told him to stop or I would leave him. He was let go from his job six
months ago and he says he has been feeling increasingly depressed and
worthless. I love him very much, but ever since I gave him the ultimatum
he has become increasingly distant. I don't feel I can get through to
him anymore.
Can you please help?
Mrs. Sheila Usk
Dear Sheila:
A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a
variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that there is no
debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the jubilee clips holding
the vacuum pipes onto the inlet manifold. If none of these approaches
solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump itself is faulty,
causing low delivery pressure to the carburetor float chamber.
I hope this helps.

Hermes1 11-03-2013 08:52 PM

Yep that was a good one too.

Chunkem 11-03-2013 09:20 PM

Both were very good.....

RedSmart 11-03-2013 09:31 PM

Yes I liked them both too!

britplod 11-05-2013 06:49 AM

Unfortunately most of the joke's I know are not suitable for this as it's a public forum

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