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dalboa 11-04-2013 08:11 PM

2003 problem with sick hemi engine.
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum and am hoping you can point me in the right direction.
My daughter found a great deal on a beautiful black 03 4x4 quad cab hemi and thought parking it in my garage would magically cure it of its ills. So far, no luck with that. :(
We were told by the seller that the truck just died on him while driving, he pulled over to side of the road and attempted to start it, lots of smoke while running poorly with pressing on the accelerator. He told me that it probably would need a new engine. He bought the truck,(second owner) with 33k miles in 2006. This truck has definitely been a city truck cause it's very clean underneath. I assumed he didn't want to work on it as in his drive was a new 2013 Dodge with 30 day temps.
I brought the truck home and attempted to start it. Runs poorly and only when pressing on the gas pedal and dies when you let up on the gas. I don't hear anything that would appear bad with the rotating mass. Runs like its got bad gas. So today I installed 16 spark plugs, called for champion, gapped to .045 as per the instructions on the hood. Bought cleaner for the throttle body and mass air flow valve & cleaned them. Cleaned the pcv valve, it was rattling when
taken out but dirty. Installed new cam sensor, new crank sensor and the O2 sensor forward of the catalytic converter, truck has a single muffler system so only saw two sensors, one before and after the converter. I tested the eight coil packs with a noid light and all are getting power. I am unable to test compression as my testers' rubber hose won't get down that far and stay straight enough to screw in. I got in and turned the key and the problem persists albeit not as bad cause it will now barely run on its own. I have a Snap on fuel pressure test kit but non of the adapters fit the trucks, must be too old a set. I did drop the oil and filter and thank god no metal chunks or debris were discovered.
What direction from here would seem obvious to you. I'm thinking perhaps fuel injectors or fuel pump. The smoke i'm getting is whiteish with plenty of fuel smell. Not sure how to test the fuel injectors, plan on checking with auto parts store to see if there is a adaptor I can run on the fuel rail to check pressure. Meanwhile my 16 year old daughter is anxious to roll to school in her Dodge Ram. :) Thanks in advance for any help you may have.
Oh, truck currently has 139,000 miles

Kamanhart 11-04-2013 11:12 PM

You could always start by picking up a can of seafoam and try sucking it into the intake manifold why you got it running to try and see if maybe you can't get some crap broke out of the top end. Other than that I would try either putting some good gas back in it depending on how much of the old stuff you got in the tank. You can always try putting some octane booster in there if its pretty full other than that you can always pull the tank and drain it and try putting some fresh gas in her

GTyankee 11-05-2013 03:32 AM

CHAMPION Part # 570 {#442, RE14MCC4} Copper Plus
.044 Gap; OE Plug
2003-2008 Dodge Ram 1500
$1.72 each
i saved a ton of money by using their products

any gasoline that is over about 4 months old & contain ethanol, tends to go bad quickly
ethanol attracts water, starts eating gaskets & hoses, it is the cause of ruining several fuel parts on my Harley

Tommycat 11-05-2013 02:52 PM

Are there any codes at all? May want to see if there are any pending codes. Put in a few gallons of good fuel to see if that makes it run better. Clean fuel may clear it up.

dalboa 11-05-2013 03:58 PM

I just finished installing octane boost and Heet plus an extra five gallons of clean fuel.
started the truck, still running poorly. Managed to drive the truck 8 ft. then died. Finally, a code was thrown. All this time no codes have shown, think disconnecting and installing a new battery at time of purchase was a mistake as later I realized I had no prior codes to run down.
Code is P0201 only. My dear friend Google tells me that I need to check #1 injector and connector. Course nobody including the dealer in our city has this injector. I'm going now to take the connector off and check for voltage then check Dvom on the injector. We'll see. Thanks

Tommycat 11-05-2013 06:37 PM

Hmmm I'm starting to think the fuel system got hosed. You may need all 8 injectors. It could also be the PCM, kinda strange. The smoke is troubling. There may be more wrong with the motor.

dalboa 11-05-2013 11:50 PM

Well while removing fuel pressure at the fuel rails, I removed the fuel pump relay and started the truck. Ran better than ever up to this point, still not good but at least it would run on its own without me nursing the gas pedal. I was surprised at how long it ran without the pump working. I backed off all the spark plug wires & coil connectors, released the spark plug wires tray and began attempting to release the fuel line from the rail. Parts store only had the plastic release tools and for whatever reason its not allowing me to disconnect. After a bit of wiggling I've managed to get all four injectors loose on the drivers side(1-3-5-7) cylinders. I have removed the #1 injector and brought it into my shop for closer inspection. O'Reilly auto sells the reseal kits for 3.99 ea.,(4 injectors) and was considering giving it a good cleaning and attempting to reuse it since all the stores would have to order a new one and I'm out the wait on it being shipped in. It was enough work getting this injector out though that I don't like the idea that I would have to do it all again once it's determined that it doesn't work. I read somewhere how to test the solenoid in these for proper working order. I did test the connector and was getting voltage from 5 to 10, I'm assuming that the variance was because the engine was running and the voltage comes and goes as the injector receives its charge in the firing order of pistons.
Anyone have a suggestion on how to test this fuel injector? If it tests good, I'm going to go ahead and reinstall it. If the truck then runs good, I'll start a regular regimen of injector cleaner in the fuel. I must admit that i've never been of fan of purchasing fuel additives. Now I begin to think that had the prior owner used them, this problem wouldn't have happened. Course I wouldn't have gotten the truck at such a good price either since he believed the engine was shot.
Tommycat, thanks for your input. The code read, P0201 that only injector #1 cylinder was a problem so i'm hoping not to have problems with the others. The smoke, previously white, has stopped so I'm crossing my fingers that the truck is beginning to shape up.

dalboa 11-06-2013 05:38 PM

I took the fuel rail loose on odd side and removed all injectors. Hooked up a 12 volt battery and ran B12 injector cleaner through all four. Installed new seals and reinstalled injectors only I installed the #5 injector into the #1 cylinder. Engine shows no signs of change, runs like its missing a cylinder or two. It threw the P0201 code for cylinder #1 again. I disconnected the coil wire on #1 cylinder and started and engine still ran same. Still showing voltage at the connector to #1 injector when tested. I'm running out of patience and am sure I'm missing something. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

dalboa 11-06-2013 06:11 PM

I had only installed the forward O-2 sensor new cause the parts guy told me the back one really doesn't do anything. I've read of late that the last sensor may be more important than I was told. Any thoughts on that?

Tommycat 11-06-2013 06:53 PM

No, generally the forward O2 sensor tells your engine how much fuel to send. The secondary O2 sensor, while important, would not affect the fuel mixture. It's starting to seem more like a PCM issue. I'm note certain, but I remember something about PCM's needing to be reflashed(could have been the 4.7, as I had both in my truck at one time)

I also wonder if the prior owner tried to hot rod the thing, and set the tune back to factory with things like a hot cam in it or other goodies. He would have to set it back to factory if he wanted to use the computer on a different vehicle(the Diablosport may be used on multiple year Dodge).

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